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“What” Is a Swinger?

The fact that this popular Google swinger search phrase begins with “what” instead of “who” tells us how much work there is to be done to educate the general population when it comes to understanding the swinging lifestyle.  Most people get can’t get beyond the “what” we (sometimes) do to […]

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Gin Gimlet

2 oz gin ½ oz lime juice – or to taste ¾ oz simple syrup 1 large lime wedge (about ¼​ lime) 3 mint leaves In a shaker, muddle the lime wedge and two mint leaves in the simple syrup. Add gin, lime juice, and fill with ice.  Shake for […]

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Episode 52 | Play Preferences: Newbies or Veterans?

 Discussion Topic: We share sexy stories and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of sexual play with newbies and veteran couples in the swinging lifestyle. Spoiler alert: we enjoy both! Mentioned this episode: Join our We Gotta Thing private members only group Listen to our podcast with the Spiritual Swingers Desire […]

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