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Episode 64 | Race in the Lifestyle

Join our conversation with Bomber and The Belle from the Black & Kinky Podcast as we discuss the issue of race in the lifestyle today. As a black couple they share their perspective, experience, opinions and challenges around meeting and connecting with those of a different race. We Gotta Thing […]

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What is Compersion?

One of our community members, new to the Lifestyle, recently tweeted, “The first time I watched my husband fuck another woman, I was mesmerized & turned on to a degree I would never have predicted. Poor man I was with got neglected a bit while I watched.” We totally know […]

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Ingredients ½ cup brewed espresso 2 ounces Licor 43 Splash of half & half (optional) Instructions Add Licor 43 to an old fashioned glass filled with ice. Slowly pour freshly brewed espresso over the top. To float the espresso for a layered look, pour gently over the back of a […]

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