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Episode 75 | Confronting Men’s Performance Issues

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Erectile Dysfunction and Performance Anxiety are often misunderstood by many in the lifestyle. Numerous couples experience this issue but don’t take the time to acknowledge, openly discuss, research and confront the issue head on. Normally us guys would rather get a prescription for a performance enhancing medicine but never […]

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Risk Appetite

Risk. It may be a part of the reason some couples become attracted to the Lifestyle. We’re not talking about risk to health or well-being. We’re talking about the thrill of doing something others might consider taboo (maybe we once did too). We’re talking about the excitement of being daring […]

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Paper Plane Cocktail

Prepare for take off! This cocktail was invented by New York bartender Sam Ross (also known for creating the Penicillin) in 2007. Mrs. Jones knows how to make it jusssst right. ¾ oz  Bourbon whiskey ¾ oz  Aperol ¾ oz  Amaro Nonino ¾ oz  Lemon juice Lemon twist for garnish […]

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