About the Joneses

Greetings and welcome! We are Mr. & Mrs. Jones and we definitely gotta thing we’d love to share! We’ve been navigating the lifestyle for over four years now and we love sharing the ups and downs of our experiences as a way to help others.


We are a happily married couple of over 30 years and we have an amazing relationship. Our sexual evolution began as our children became more independent, leaving us time to intentionally refocus on growing our relationship.


We simply want to share our (explicit) experiences and opinions as a way to help define the lifestyle in a healthy way. We believe the lifestyle is about having fun, enjoying new friends and deepening our relationship.We are NOT professionals and do not dispense advice to anyone who is either in or considering entering the lifestyle.


Feel free to contact us at:
Mr. Jones – [email protected]
Mrs. Jones – [email protected]