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Greetings and welcome!

We are Mr. & Mrs. Jones

and ‘we gotta thing’ we’d love to share!

We want to share our (explicit) experiences and opinions as a way to help define the lifestyle in a healthy way. We believe the lifestyle is about having fun, enjoying new friends and deepening our relationship.We are NOT professionals and do not dispense advice to anyone who is either in or considering entering the lifestyle.

What our listeners say


Mr & Mrs. Jones are amazing. If you are lifestyle newbies, the insights they share are invaluable. The Joneses are very effective educators by being so open, honest, relatable and normal!


Mr & Mrs. Jones are sexy, classy and informative. My wife and I can relate to their stories and teachings on so many levels. The Joneses have helped guide us along the way and our relationship is stronger as a result of their work!


The Joneses are genuine and down to earth people who communicate lifestyle experiences and challenges in a fun and very approachable way. They articulate some very touchy topics with such grace and humility. We can’t get enough!

Mr. & Mrs. Jones


Through sharing our personal experiences, we can be a guide as you navigate your own unique pathway to exploring the swinging lifestyle.  We hope to help you avoid mistakes and recover from the ones you do make, communicate better as a couple and enjoy all the benefits the lifestyle has to offer!

Lifestyle Course

Six modules and over 40 lessons:

We define today’s lifestyle We help you discover your play style and explore the lifestyle community.  We discuss how to process your experiences and remain a team during your adventures. We conclude with the joys of making lifelong lifestyle friendships.


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