by Mr Jones

We hear a lot about mistakes couples (including us) make AFTER getting into the lifestyle, but we don’t talk much about how a lack of knowledge and experience BEFORE entering the lifestyle contributes to those mis-steps.  Part of our mission at We Gotta Thing as swinging lifestyle educators is to teach couples what they need to know before they choose to enter the lifestyle.  
Considering the points below should limit potential damage to the relationship, save precious time while exploring the lifestyle and help avoid emotional disturbances (drama) during and after play.  Or to put it another way, help everyone make new friends, deepen their relationship all while having lots of sexy fun!

  1. Not taking the time to fully research and learn about the swinging lifestyle
  2. Agreeing to try the lifestyle just to make your partner happy
  3. Not talking about how you want to engage in the lifestyle as a couple
  4. Assuming those already in the lifestyle will be honest with you
  5. Not fully understanding the difference between fantasy and reality
  6. Hoping the lifestyle is going to fix your relationship
  7. Not preparing for the potential of jealous feelings
  8. Assuming you will not have any performance anxiety
  9. Assuming you will stop play if someone does something you don’t like
  10. Not understanding how overwhelming your first play experience can be
  11. Not having an agreed upon list of rules and boundaries
  12. Basing attractiveness solely on physical characteristics

Now that you know what these mistakes are, would you like to learn how to avoid them (or work through them if you’ve already made them)?  We designed our lifestyle learning courses to do just that.  Simply join our Community and Forum and you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the best this lifestyle has to offer!