We are Mr. & Mrs. Jones, social swingers who place the highest importance on our primary relationship while seeking friendships and novel sexual experiences with others, together as a team. We were married for a long time before entering the lifestyle. Our podcast chronicles our journey into and through the lifestyle over the last several years. Blog posts and articles on Medium share our hard-won wisdom and experiences we’ve gained on our journey together.

Everything we share with our followers is based on the perspective of our own personal preferences and experiences in the lifestyle. There are many valid ways to approach the swinger lifestyle that differ from ours—we respect that even while we stick to and talk about what works for and appeals to us.

It is important to us to connect socially with potential play partners before we become physically involved; at the same time, we are not interested in developing exclusive relationships with others. We are social swingers, not part of a polyamorous relationship. What we do is seek to maintain a circle of fun, trusted lifestyle friends while also continuing to meet and interact with new people.

We are not professional counselors or sex experts. While we believe in sex positivity, we are not an authoritative voice for the sex-positive community. We cannot possibly be a voice for everyone when our only source of knowledge is our own personal experiences and perspective, which we are happy to share with you.

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