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For years, we have used and promoted card games designed for those in the lifestyle as a way to break the ice and move smoothly from dinner and drinks to playtime. While Mr. Jones often references this as “the dumb card game,” we both enjoy playing with new friends (and sometimes we break them out with really good, well-known friends just for fun, too). Now, we’ve teamed up with Just Your Tip to create two of our own sexy, elegant card games!

Game cards for both sets feel great to the touch and have a sexy pearled finish. They are also water resistent, which is excellent if you’re playing by the pool or someplace else where they may get wet…and they come in a sturdy reusable plastic case that’s perfect for your swinger bag.

No matter what Mr. Jones says, these are smart card games.

No matter what Mr. Jones says, these are smart card games.

What’s Your Thing? 

A game based on questions to get you connecting!

Level 1 | 20 “Get to Know the Sexy You” questions to help establish boundaries and rules for lifestyle play.

Level 2 | 16 “Your Sexy History and Stories” questions to help explore what you each enjoy.

Level 3 | 16 “What are your Fantasies and Desires” questions to help daydream about what might be possible.

NEW! Care to Join Us?

A game based on actions to get you connecting!

Level 1 | 20 “Light touching, kissing, clothes on” actions, all 100% consent-based, to test the chemistry.

Level 2 | 16 “Get undressed and enjoy the caress” actions to move the party along.

Level 3 | 15 “Soft-swap in a wide variety of combinations” actions to make soft-swap play truly unique and fun.

plus 1 final card to suggest taking the playtime to the next level!

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Game play instructions are provided for three types of play: Basic, Advanced, and Poker Rules — but you could use these for any game played with a standard card deck or make up your own rules for play.

Even though the official instructions designate how to win, we  like to think that everyone who plays ends up winning!