Ugh.  In some respects getting old sucks.  Things start to hurt when I bend a certain way.  There are permanent laugh lines on my face (aka wrinkles).  And every once in a while, a gray hair has the nerve to stick straight up out of the part on the top of my head.  What???
However, when I turned 50 a couple of years ago I kept announcing to the world that “50 is fabulous!”  I meant it then and I still do today! I love the fact that my kids are grown and are successfully making their way in the world without me needing to hold their hand every step of the way.  I love having grandchildren and being able to spend time with them without needing to keep track of their overcrowded schedules and everyday needs.

Yes, I realize this is a lifestyle blog and I have not yet shared one sexy thought.  So here it is. Even though my body demands a little bit more exercise and a much healthier diet and a more expensive skin care regimen than it used to, it still knows how to have some sexy fun!  A healthy body is a sexy body. We can stay healthy into our 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond with effort. And isn’t great sex worth some effort?

50 is fabulous because Mr Jones and I now have the time to focus on our health, and even better, on our sex lives.  I think I can still hold my own in the bedroom in comparison to my younger female friends. And let’s face it, we ladies that have been around a while have had lots of practice at pleasing our men if you know what I mean.  Experience brings confidence, and confidence is sexy.

It makes me sad when lifestyle events are advertised for only younger people.  Sometimes Mr Jones and I are accidentally invited to them. It does hurt a bit when we have to decline saying that we don’t fit in the specified age range.  And I’m not gonna lie, I can be a little bitter about it. I work really hard (and forego a lot of chocolate) to stay as fit and healthy as possible at my age.  So when a younger couple that doesn’t make the effort to stay fit can make the cut to an age-restricted sexy party and I can’t because I’m too old, I get a little (OK, a lot) indignant about it.  I was complaining about this form of age discrimination to a friend recently and his take on this topic goes like this: Strive to be the “best in class” for your age range, no matter what that range is.  Every age group is full of sexy people. Boom…

But I have to confess that I used to have the opposite problem when we would meet younger couples in the lifestyle.  I would say, no way, they are almost young enough to be our kids! But what I’m learning as we meet more and more lifestyle people is that age and maturity are two completely independent attributes.  There are couples in their 30s that have such solid relationships and are so interesting to talk to that I quickly forget how young they are. And conversely, some couples our age are a hot mess and have nothing interesting to say.  Being sexy and interesting has little to do with how old you are in my opinion.

Now I’m not trying to say that everyone in their 30s needs to hook up with couples that are older and vice versa.  Chemistry is chemistry, and if it’s not there then everyone needs to move along. I just want all of us to remember this:  There are two things about ourselves that we absolutely cannot change. Our age and our race. Everything else can be altered with an open mind and some determination to make a change for the better.  So as you meet people in the lifestyle, be curious about the whole person, and don’t make hasty judgments based on a number. Keep an eye out for the “best in class” so you don’t miss out on some great (and sexy) friendships!