Written by “D” from the Swinging Downunder Podcast

Verse 1

After a long day relaxing in the Mexican sunshine, wearing nothing but a hat and sunscreen, it was time for our first dinner in the restaurant at Desire RM. As C and I moved into the restaurant The Jones’s were already seated, casually placed with a seat beside each of them.  As we slid into place at the table, C beside Mr J and me beside Mrs, the conversation of the day’s relaxing was quickly beaten to death by the requirement for C to discuss business.
Thirty minutes went buy with C and Mr J deep in conversation while Mrs J and I spent the time to chat about life and catch up.  My occasional quip about how sexy she looked in her deep cut, ultra-short dress saw Mrs J add a little blush to her already sun-kissed cheeks, and that smile!  I could have sworn that every time I flirted, her legs crept just that little bit more open – was it in my head?
The conversation flowed, as did the wine, and we all regrouped in conversation.  I noticed that Mr J’s arm appeared to be angled in such a way that it may be leading to C’s inner thigh – the flush in C’s face appeared to confirm my guess.  As always C was not wearing underwear so I pondered if he could feel the warmth of her, now obviously, wet pussy – or was he already feeling it. My Cock started to firm.  Mrs J had also noticed, as I felt her had land softly at my knee.
Her hand moved very subtlety at first as it creep its way toward my now rock hard cock, every giggle saw it landing a little higher.  I looked across the table a could now see C’s upper body in constant movement, deep breaths pushing her perfect breasts, barely covered, to what appeared to be someone stroking her clitoris out of my sight.  My imagination is wild as Mr’s J’s hand stopped an inch below my now rock hard cock, my body screamed – No, Just one more Inch!  Unplanned and not well executed I flung my hand at Mr’s J’s thigh knocking the water over on the table at the same time.  Hands appeared from everywhere to try and dam the deluge, to no avail.  We all sat now with a table that needed to be cleared.
The Desire staff, attentive as always, quickly came and mopped up the water as I apologised and mused, it could be worse, it could be wine! C used the time to call me a klutz as her tight wet pussy took the chance to step back from what appeared to be an impending orgasm.  I pondered how it was that the two drivers in these relationships were currently being left behind!
I was the person who asked C if she was interested in the lifestyle and Mrs J was the one that was ready to head into full swap before Mr.  I feel like we normally have the spurs and our partners the reigns but how was this reversed?  Could it be that the 12 month long flirting session had primed the others more than us or was it that the warmth of C’s pussy simply attracted Mr J like a moth to the flame?  I had the feeling that these were the questions I would be asking in the after-glow in their room later tonight – wait did I just make it awkward?
Apparently not as Mr J and C are now kissing, very passionately!  Whoah, I can feel a hand on my cock! How did Mrs J get my fly down and get her hand into my pants so quickly! Not that I was complaining and my cock was welcoming her touch with a pulse.  The flush had reappeared in C’s face as she is once again climbing the mountain of orgasm and I was now starting.
It was not my imagination – Mrs J’s legs were now apart, inviting my hand.
Mrs J uses her hand skillfully and I watch C getting closer to orgasm I move my hand to Mrs J’s clean shaven and dripping wet pussy.  I quickly find her clit and begin to flick my finger from side to side over the engorged area – I feel her writhe which adds to my pleasure and torment.  I can hardly breathe as the table all sinks into ecstasy and then a staff-member from the Desire team breaks our foray into table play.  “Excuse me guys, we are enjoying what we see so we have closed the restaurant – would you mind if we just watched” she said with a quiver in her voice.  Unanimously we respond, “We do not mind at all”!
My fingers sink deep into Mr’s J’s pussy as she masterfully undoes my belt and pants, they quickly drop to the ground.  One handed I heave her dress over her head to expose her breasts, my mouth is drawn to them as I lick one nipple, play with the other and feel for her G spot with my fingers, thumb still on clit flicking side to side.  Looking across the table C has her legs apart with Mr J’s tongue deep in her pussy.  Mr J looks up with a smile and C’s wetness all over his face, we are all in heaven!
His face presses back into C’s wanting pussy as her head throws back, within a minute I hear C’s orgasm grip her.  My focus however was on Mr’s J’s pussy tightening on my fingers as I continued to stroke her G-spot and clit as she looks into my eyes urging me to let her finish.  I hold her gaze as her back arches and he legs clamp on my forearm, the strength of her orgasm takes me by surprise as I think, let’s do that again!
The ladies see each other and realise that they have not even touched to this point and their mind is made.  They clamber across the table to get to each other’s lips and tumble into a ball of feverous sexual frustration.  Grinding each other’s clits on legs, chairs scratching under the passion, Mr J and I in mutual silent agreement watch on as the ladies achieve their second orgasm in as many minutes, I have never seen C so wet.

Verse 2

A condom arrives at the table, kindly delivered by Miss Desire, and then another – I will consider this approval from the company!  I look at C still panting from her last orgasm and she motions for me to give one to Mr J.  It may have been all too late as he already has it out of the packaging and is about to put it on his hard cock, C gleams in anticipation as she bends herself over one end of the table.  Legs apart, looking back in animalistic craving for a hard cock – it takes Mr J all of 5 seconds to find himself behind her.
I watch C’s face as he pushes gently inside her, Mr J, the consummate gentleman.  Her tongue licks her lips in anticipation of the next gentle movement, he allows her that pleasure.  C rocks back into his pelvis as her eyes widen, I think she is going to cum again!
Again Mr’s J surprises me by folding herself over the other end of the table, thankfully the table is short enough to allow the ladies to kiss.  Frantically I break open the condom and roll it down my cock, I realise that my pre-cum may fill the bulb as I roll it on!  As I move behind Mrs J she arches her back in anticipation and asks C, “Would you like to see your husband cum while fucking me”?  C’s smile is broad but seductive as her head bobs from the thrusting in the background, “Fuck yes” she whimpers.
I slowly ease into Mrs J, feeling every ripple of her tight, throbbing, wet and wanting pussy.  My hands naturally gravitate to her hips as I start to push deep into her as C and Mr J are in the full throws of fucking and being fucked.  C is up on her toes as if to ask for more, stronger, faster and harder Mr J thrusts as the slap of flesh rings in the air.  I notice the tell-tale signs of C’s breath escalation, she is building again and the excitement in the air is palatable.
My mind moves back to the sexy woman in front of me, pushing back on my cock as her moans are reverberated by C’s.  My thrusts pause as I think about the amazing night it has been to this point and I am quickly brought back to reality by the driving of Mrs J on my cock, she pounds me as I thrust with her rhythm.  She looks at C and moans “I am about to cum on your husbands cock” and that is all it takes for C to raise her body from the table and on tops of toes releases a low moan – which builds to a high squeal of enjoyment!  This adds to Mr, Mrs and my pleasure.
As C tightens Mrs J raises the roof with a orgasm that clenches down on me, my balls tighten and I cum loud!  My tension not releasing as I push myself as deep into her as possible, we take the time to look up and Mr J looks around to see a crowd gathered – 10-15 people have watched the show.  As he gazes at the mess of hot sweaty sex in front of him he asks, “Should we head up to our room”?  The smiles say yes!