Just in time for Halloween, we bring you a delicious zombie beverage. No, no. We kid!
The Corpse Reviver, according to the history of the drink, is meant as something of
a “hair that bit the dog” hangover cure—sure to reanimate even a corpse.

We love this drink because it’s clean, refreshing, and tart.
(We added one of Elle’s cherries to make it a little spooky for this time of year).

Corpse Reviver No. 2

1 part gin
1 part Lillet blanc or dry vermouth
1 part orange liqueur (Cointreu, Grand Marnier, or Triple Sec)
1 part fresh lemon juice
dash of absinthe
(some recipes include a smidge of simple syrup; we forego it)

shake all ingredients with ice until well chilled
strain into a coupe or cocktail glass

traditional garnish: citrus twist

YES! There is a Corpse Reviver No. 1.