Most of us have mastered being ‘adult-like’ in all aspects of our lives. We are experienced at life. We are parents, spouses/partners, coaches, employees, teachers, leaders and friends. We’ve become accustomed to situations that require a mature and thoughtful response (most of the time anyway!).

However, when engaged in non-monogamy we can experience new things and perhaps even some new feelings. We are sharing ourselves and our partners initmately with others. Our relationship is now at risk so the stakes are high. Situations will arise that invoke strong emotions in a way we may not have experienced before and it can be difficult not to act out in ways that may hurt others or push them away.

In this episode Catherine, a licensed therapist from Expansive Connection Coaching talks about what is happening inside our brains and how we might be able to anticipate and respond ‘like adults’ when things don’t go as we expect.

This ‘bonus’ episode of We Gotta Thing is presented in three segments:

Segment 1 | Keeping Up With the Joneses
Segment 2 | Non-Monogamy is an Adult Activity
Segment 3 | Wrap-up

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