Keeping up with the Joneses
Dinner with new friends, hosting new friends in our “Swinger Pad” and a night out with Jay and Kay from That Couple Next Door podcast.

Discussion topic
We recap our trip to Temptation Resort in Cancun and discuss our penchant for attracting and helping “newbie” swingers move forward in  the lifestyle.  We are social swingers and enjoy meeting and playing with newbies.  Being new to the lifestyle can be intimidating and lead to drama and mis-communication and a bad experience may prevent a couple from progressing in their lifestyle journey as swingers.

We talk about the “three C’s”-Connection, confidence and communication!  We like enjoy talking with couples about what they like and expect during play, we describe the connection we look for in others and how focusing on the confidence in your relationship leads to self-confidence for all involved.

Listeners “M” and “A” share a sexy story, Mr Jones recounts a happy ending experience during our time with Tony and Mrs Jones shares a memory from her birthday weekend at Temptation.