Keeping up with the Joneses
Our new website is live! Come take a look at and let us know what you think.  We also share what sexy things we’ve been up to this month to include pushing a boundary by playing on the first date, enjoying our “Southwest Friends” again (in a sexy way) and a couple other dinner dates.

Discussion topic
We’ve received a couple of critical emails lately from listeners who say we “only play with attractive couples” and that the lifestyle environment we describe is “nothing like what we  normally see”.  We break down the idea of what attractiveness means to us both, who we are attracted to and how attractive we see ourselves.  Attractiveness is a subjective word and we hope to better explain what it means to us and ask you to do the same.

Mr Jones loves the “dirty talk” while Mrs Jones participates in a very sexy triple-blow-job (yes, they do exist)!