Episode 54: Drama in the Lifestyle

Episode 54: Drama in the Lifestyle

Discussion topic:Most agree we’d like to avoid any drama in a lifestyle experience.  But is this a realistic expectation? Is drama such a bad thing? Do we know what drama really is and is not?  How should we handled drama if we encounter it in ourselves or another couple?

Catherine (from episode 41), a licensed professional counselor joins us again and provides answers, insights and tools to help answer these and other questions around drama in the lifestyle!

You can reach Catherine via email at: [email protected]

Catherine’s website is www.expansiveconnection.com

Michelle Chalfant:
The Child Chair
The Adolescent Chair
The Adult Chair

Dr Nancy Sutton Pierce
Holistic Clinical Sexologist

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  • Lowell
    Posted at 14:41h, 30 September Reply

    Another engaging, problem-solving discussion, that offers couples a travel-ready set of tools to improve their LS experience.. Personally, for me, this month’s guest’s approach to couple‘s-issue resolution reminds me of the half-century old teachings of pediatric psychoanalyst Dr Benjamin Spock with his delineation of the Child-Parent-Adult developmental roots to all human behavior, regardless of their current physical age, nor their current stage of development (emotional age). I recall as a young child my own parents’ fascination with Spock’s revolutionary ideas when they were rearing their own children (my siblings & me).

    Another therapeutic breakthrough came out about 5 or 10 years later, in the 1970’s, which your young guest seems to have reflected in her current work, as well. This new body of thought offered a pragmatic means to frame relational cues so that one could quickly interpret an appropriate, healthy response in real time (transactional) without needing to go through the lengthy psychoanalytical methods of that day. If anyone is interested in this topic, much of the therapeutic movement of Tranactional Analysis was encapsulated in the book by Thomas Harris, “ I’m Ok, Your Ok” .

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