In this episode we discuss the issue of ‘Kissing and Telling’ in the lifestyle. How do you feel about couples sharing personal details about a private play experience? Do you share details with others to include the names of your play partners? Is there ever a good reason to Kiss and Tell? Listen in as we discuss our opinions on the matter![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_tta_accordion][vc_tta_section title=”Episode Transcription ” tab_id=”1580478447724-a2722ff3-84ef”][vc_column_text]

Mr. Jones 0:01

This podcast contains explicit language and content and is for mature audiences only.


Mrs. Jones 0:06

Hey, you teenagers out there, if you’re under 18, this show is more for your parents. So now that you have that mental picture stuck in your head, put some music on and get back to doing your homework.


Mr. Jones 0:17

We’re a longtime married couple who’s decided to chronicle our personal adventures and share our sex positive discussions as we navigate our way through the swinging lifestyle.


Mrs. Jones 0:27

Care to join us? [Theme music]


Mr. Jones 0:46

Hello, everyone, I’m Mr. Jones.


Mrs. Jones 0:48

And I’m Mrs. Jones and we want to welcome you to Episode 71 of the we gotta thing podcast


Mr. Jones 0:53

71: The kiss and tell dilemma, more about that just a sec.


Mrs. Jones 0:59

Yeah, we just had had a big conversation about the word dilemma. So stay tuned. We’ll get back to that.


Mr. Jones 1:06

Yeah. In the meantime, we are sold out for Austin.


Mrs. Jones 1:14

We’re more than sold out.


Mr. Jones 1:15 We’re over sold out.


Mrs. Jones 1:17

Yeah, we’re gonna have to cuddle at the restaurant on Friday night.


Mr. Jones 1:20

We originally were going to hold this to 50. But we have so many good friends now. It’s hard to say no to people.


Mrs. Jones 1:27

You know, when your really good friends wait to the last minute and say, “I know you’re sold out.” But like, well, damn, I want you to come for totally selfish reasons. Of course, you can come.


Mr. Jones 1:38

So we were going to limit to 50. But now we’re well over 60.


Mrs. Jones 1:41

Yeah, that’s all right. The conference room, where we’re going to do our workshops is huge. That’s not a problem. The restaurant, you know, swingers know how to cuddle. Like we can fit in small spaces. So we’ll be fine.


Mr. Jones 1:55

It’s gonna be a lot of fun. The chat group is heating up and the schedule is completed and all the work is just about done.


Mrs. Jones 2:03

Yeah, we have some pretty cool workshops planned. I think it’s gonna be a good time.


Ready to head to Austin and sorry about those who are on the waiting list. But perhaps next fall when we do our next one. And the Pacific Northwest. Be ready for that.

That’s right.

Mr. Jones 2:20

So we’ll see you in Austin in a few weeks. After that we have Podcast-a-Palooza and Miami.


Mrs. Jones 2:26

That’s right. And that is not sold out yet. But it’s getting close. So if you’re interested in that, you know, try to think about jumping on it. It’s May 15 through 18th.


Mr. Jones 2:39

And we have to give a shout out to Kate from Swinging Down Under because she just made the heroic effort to fly from Singapore to the United States for a few weeks, and ended up in Miami. Meeting with the hotel owners and making sure that everything was set and perfect.


Mrs. Jones 2:57

That’s right. That’s gonna be a fun weekend. I tell you, I mean, who would not want to be on South Beach in the month of May? I mean, it’s going to be nice and warm, but it’s not going to be stinking hot. It’s going to be absolutely perfect.


Mr. Jones 3:10

So if you missed us in Austin, there’s still time to get into Podcast-a-Palooza in Miami.


Mrs. Jones 3:16

Yep. All those details are on our website.


Mr. Jones 3:19

Yes. And big news about Desire Resorts. The mansions are open. And we’ve gotten feedback from some people who have stayed there. And of course, the first few weeks, you know, you always have to go through the growing pains.


Mrs. Jones 3:31

Right. But I mean, everything’s been positive. So yeah, Mr. Jones and I are going to be there in, what, a couple months. Just for a few days,


Mr. Jones 3:41 A test drive.


Mrs. Jones 3:42

Test it out. Yeah. We are pretty excited about that.


Mr. Jones 3:45

Definitely. And if you’re interested in staying in one of the mansions, you know, visit our website, because we are I think until somebody tells me otherwise, we’re the only ones around that can give you a discount on that.


Mrs. Jones 3:58 That’s right.


Mr. Jones 3:59

So take a look at WeGottaThing.com if you’re interested in the Desire mansions.


Mrs. Jones 4:03

And then desire Pearl, our trip in November of 2020 is doing well.


Mr. Jones 4:10

You know, I think what happens is that… when we announced it in early November, there was an initial rush. And then it settled down in December during Christmas, but then after the first of the year, I think people get their calendars out.


Mrs. Jones 4:23

Well, you know, there’s nothing to do in January, like you’re busy in December with family stuff and the holidays and everything. And now it’s like, ah, the weather’s crappy. And then, you know, what are we going to do this year? So yeah, time to get your calendars out and look to see if you can sneak away the weekend of November 14 to 21st.


Mr. Jones 4:41

Yeah, so we’ve had quite a few bookings in the past couple of weeks and it’s going to sell out but as of now, as of January…


Mrs. Jones 4:48

I think all the categories are still available.


Mr. Jones 4:50

Yeah, there’s some Ocean View rooms available. So we’d love to have you along.


Mrs. Jones 4:54 Absolutely.


Mr. Jones 4:56

Okay, what’s been going on with the Joneses?


Mrs. Jones 4:59

Well, I mean, clearly we had the holidays, which were wonderful. Good time with friends and family.


Mr. Jones 5:07

Yeah, before the holidays. Well, during the holidays because we went to Las Vegas. To visit family for Thanksgiving, and we use that as an excuse to visit a club while we’re out there. And meet some friends.


Mrs. Jones 5:22

Yeah. So we went to Playhouse LV in Las Vegas and had a wonderful evening.


Mr. Jones 5:30

Yeah, they’re a relatively new club. And we contacted them ahead of time and told them we were going to be out there. And you have to apply for membership there. And they do have the vetting process which which we’ll talk about in a minute. But the club itself, it’s fairly small, I think what do they let 120 people in?


Mrs. Jones 5:50

Well, they’ve just expanded. I think it used to be only like, less than 100. And now I think they can do like 125 – 140. Somewhere around in there now.


Mr. Jones 6:00

Yeah. But it was a really… We had a good time. We felt safe. And we felt it was intimate, but yet there was room to move around. We met Dave and Nicole, the owners, and they’re really doing a good job of turning it into what they envision a lifestyle club to look like.


Mrs. Jones 6:26

Yes. I mean, just the quick and dirty bottom line is, it’s well run and it’s clean. And it’s well managed. You know, they they have rules and they have, you know, there’s a time and a place for everything and they make sure people adhere to that. And I just I felt like it was a place I felt very comfortable. And I also felt like I could have approached anybody in that club and struck up a conversation with them. I didn’t really get the impression that there were cliques. You know that people go there all the time, and they have their little group of people and you can’t really, you know, breach that. And you know, the other thing I loved. First of all, the DJ played really good music. But the best part is he played it at the right volume. I mean, it was loud, and it was fun and it, you know, drew you to the dance floor. But at the same time, you could actually have a conversation with somebody without screaming in their ear and pretending that you could hear what they were telling you.


Mr. Jones 7:29 Imagine that.


Mrs. Jones 7:29

I know, like, a place that you go to, like, meet people and hook up with them. You can actually hear what they’re telling you.


Mr. Jones 7:36

Yeah. So we saw some old friends there that we didn’t expect to see.


Mrs. Jones 7:40

I know that was such a treat.


Mr. Jones 7:42

And we went with two of our best friends in the lifestyle. And we also met some listeners there and we also have somebody who’s in deep trouble.


Mrs. Jones 7:53 Uh oh.


Mr. Jones 7:53

Evidently, there were some listeners there that were supposed to come introduce themselves to us, and they didn’t.


Mrs. Jones 8:01

I know they sent us a message the next day and said, “You guys were so busy talking to people, you know, we didn’t feel like we could come up to you.” Well daggone it. That’s why we were there.


Mr. Jones 8:11

So you guys are are in trouble. And there’s only one way to make it up to us.


Mrs. Jones 8:16

That’s right. Next time we’re out there, we’re going to meet face to face.


Mr. Jones 8:19

Yeah. So let’s talk about the the vetting process. It’s, you know, we talked to the owners, and you do have to apply and when you apply, you have to provide your screen name to a website to a dating site. And they review that and then they have a process that you go through and then they vet you and let you know, if you’re accepted or not. And we didn’t really get the details behind what that means. But we can tell you that the experience that we had at the club, I mean, look, we’re in our 50s – that’s no secret, right? So we felt comfortable there and we actually know that there were people there our age and a little bit older.


Mrs. Jones 9:03

Yeah, yeah. We were on the older side. Yeah, for sure. But I still felt comfortable there. I didn’t feel like everybody else was in their 30s and I was in my 50s.


Mr. Jones 9:13

Yeah. And I think you mentioned that before, we didn’t feel like there were cliques or groups of people that were clustered around each other talking. It was more everybody was mingling with everybody.


Mrs. Jones 9:24

Right. And we did talk to a lot of people that were local. So I don’t know if it’s like a Vegas thing. I mean, are there lots of people like you and I that just come in a couple times a year? So I think, do the locals know to reach out to the newbies because we’re just in town for the weekend or whatever. I don’t know. The local people are doing it right.

Mr. Jones 9:46

I think you’re onto something because one of the couples or the friends that we saw there they are from Vegas, but then a lot of the other couples we talked to had driven in from California, or Arizona or had flown up from New Mexico and were just in Vegas or from Colorado and went to Vegas for the weekend. So it’s almost like Vegas is a great spot, if you’re out west, to enjoy the lifestyle at a club that’s not in your hometown, but it’s like an hour, hour and a half flight or a couple of hours drive, so you don’t get all of the locals where you’re going to have the cliques forming.


Mrs. Jones 10:24

Right. But the local people did do a good job of being great ambassadors for the club and they set the tone for a really fun vibe that night.


Mr. Jones 10:37

And the other thing that I noticed was that people there were laid back and… is legitimate the right word? They were like legitimate lifestylers. Because we’ve been to some clubs and events where there’s a lot of looky-loos, I think is the word that you used, or people that just want to come and…


Mrs. Jones 10:57

We have event in the DC area where… they end up being very big events because in DC we just don’t have a lot of lifestyle stuff going on. So there are… a couple different groups that hold events and when they do, everybody comes because we’re just desperate for local stuff. And that in turn draws a lot of what I like to call looky-loos. They’re not in the lifestyle, but they want to go to something sexy together. They’re scared to death. They don’t know what they’re doing. So they don’t have any idea of what the social norms are at these types of events. And then they end up blundering and making the whole environment somewhat uncomfortable.


Right. So it seemed like everybody there was really comfortable being there. And so…


Now, there was one newbie couple – they were adorable. Remember, they were sitting on the couch, and you could tell that this might have been their very first adventure in the lifestyle. They had the big, big eyes, deer in the headlights, and they were they were so cute. And they sat there for a while and kind of took it all in. And then they probably left at maybe eleven.


Mr. Jones 12:11

Well, I said, look, honey, we need to go talk to that couple because they look like they’re just really nervous. And the next time I turned around…

…they were gone. And I said, oh no! Mrs. Jones 12:20

Yeah, we missed our opportunity.


Mr. Jones 12:22

Too late. We missed them. But it was very comfortable. And I didn’t get the sense that it was a bunch of pretty people. And I didn’t get the sense that it was a lot of young people. You know, there was a good mix of the crowd. So whatever their vetting process is, the club was very comfortable for us.


Mrs. Jones 12:41

Right. And, you know, I have to say, I would not want their job to have to be the ones to screen people. That’s just a no win situation.


Mr. Jones 12:52

It is a no win situation.


Mrs. Jones 12:55

Yeah. So I don’t know. Like our membership community. We take anybody. We love them all.


Mr. Jones 13:01

Yeah. Well, and then after that we had a bunch of family stuff.


Mrs. Jones 13:06

Well, you know, we did go to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving with our family. And we did have a purpose.


Mr. Jones 13:11 We cheated, yeah.


Mrs. Jones 13:13

But yes, then we came home to lots of family stuff. It was so fun. Like, we had family stuff I think every single weekend. Because Mr. Jones has a huge family. And and it was fun because I think we got to connect with every one of your siblings and a lot of our nieces and nephews, and it was just, it was really a blessing.


Mr. Jones 13:34

So we did that all the way through December 25. And then the early morning of December 26 we threw threw our luggage in the car and drove to the airport and flew to Dominican Republic for five days. And we met two of our best lifestyle friends there. And this was a good experiment for us because we’ve never been on “vacation” with another lifestyle couple before.


Mrs. Jones 14:07

I know, and it was so funny because the wife of the couple that we went on vacation with, she’s always joked around like, Oh my God, we just spent like two days together and I didn’t get sick of you. She’s like, that’s weird because we get sick of everybody we hang out with, you know, so this was going to be five days, and we’re like, I don’t know..


Mr. Jones 14:28

I think we were a little nervous.


Mrs. Jones 14:30

Yeah, we might be putting our friendship on the line here. Five days together!


Mr. Jones 14:34

Yeah. So the spoiler alert is we had a good time, but this resort… a lot of people talk about the black rings and the jewelry that you wear to tell people that you’re swingers, and we did take our black rings, right?


Mrs. Jones 14:51

I didn’t wear them. We took them but we never put them on.


Mr. Jones 14:54

So we went to a – it was a non lifestyle… it was not a lifestyle resort. It was an adult-only resort. In Punta Cana. And… it was much much bigger than Desire.


Mrs. Jones 15:06

Oh yeah. Probably three or four times as big.


Mr. Jones 15:09

Yeah. So the couple of quick stories of this – we met a couple the first night we were there. We met a lot of couples. Well, you kept given people like upset stomach.


Mrs. Jones 15:22

Oh my goodness. Like you know how it is at like vanilla resorts you walk by, and you might nod good morning but like you don’t verbalize it.


Mr. Jones 15:33

You don’t make eye contact.


Mrs. Jones 15:34

Well, shoot. At Desire you say hello to everybody. And you might even get a kiss and a hug.


Mr. Jones 15:39

Not just Desire, at every… any lifestyle event.


Mrs. Jones 15:40

Yeah, any lifestyle thing. So, you know, I wake up the first morning and … we’re walking down to get some breakfast and I’m seeing everybody and I’m saying good morning. And you can tell like their stomach is cramping because I said good morning to them. Like, get over it and just say good morning back.


Mr. Jones 15:58

That was funny. So we met a couple one of the first nights we were there. Vanilla couple. And you know, we talked to them for a while they were a cute couple. So fast forward to… And then we met.


Mrs. Jones 16:12

No, you met them on the beach the first day. Their chairs were in front of ours.


Mr. Jones 16:18 Yes. Yeah.


Mrs. Jones 16:19

You were chatting with her and her husband on the beach. Mr. Jones 16:23

And then we were with our friends. The four of us were sitting at the bar the next night.


Mrs. Jones 16:29

Yeah, there’s a martini bar in the lobby. It’s a really cool space.


Mr. Jones 16:32

Right. And this couple that we met on the beach walks in – well, they walked in with another couple, which is not unusual, right?


Mrs. Jones 16:40

Yeah, a lot of couples there were on vacation with other couples but…


Mr. Jones 16:43

But the husbands and the wives were walking next to the opposite spouse.


Mrs. Jones 16:49

Right because Mr. Jones had just met this couple that day on the beach and he’s like, I’m pretty sure that lady is married to that guy. And they were not walking next to each other.


Mr. Jones 17:01

So the four of us realized that, and we were going to go to dinner. And I said… and these four people had walked into the sports bar there to watch a football game. And I said, now let’s not go to dinner yet. Let’s go in the sports bar and find out what’s going on there. Because that looks like they’re interested in the opposite spouse.


Mrs. Jones 17:21

Right, right. We’re like, is this really a swinger resort? We don’t know!


Mr. Jones 17:25

So we walked in, and we walked up behind them. And we said, Hello, and they remembered us and then we introduced them to our friends. And as I was introducing people around, the wife of the couple that I had not met yet, I went to say hello to her. And she was crying.


Mrs. Jones 17:42

Oh my gosh. She was talking to me and my girlfriend, and she was saying, it actually was really sad. She was saying, you… she was saying this to my friend. She’s like you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, which I kind of agree with. But she’s like, and then she looked at me and she’s like, You two are, like, dress so sexy and you guys are so happy, and you just have your shit together. And I just, you know, I just could never be like you and she’s just like sobbing.


Mr. Jones 18:15

Well she couldn’t understand why you were even talking to her.


Mrs. Jones 18:17

Right! She’s like, why are you even talking to me? She said that to my girlfriend. And my girlfriend’s looking at me, and we talked to her for a while, and we were kind of like trying to talk her down, and I said, you know, I said, the cool thing about this place is that we’re all here. I said, it’s right after

Christmas. And we just, we’ve all come here to decompress, and we’re all with our amazing husbands. And she said, well, that’s not always the case. And my girlfriend was like let’s get the fuck out of here.


Mr. Jones 18:47

So at the same time, I was talking to her husband, who was extremely drunk and trying to buy me shots. He was so excited because he was trying to get his wife to kiss the other woman. So he was almost like trying to orchestrate something. And I think his wife, the one you were talking to got a little upset about it. And he was so drunk. He didn’t know.


Mrs. Jones 19:11 He was oblivious.


Mr. Jones 19:12

So it was almost… It was so predictable, it was so… This couple who is mostly vanilla, and they’re on vacation, and they meet another couple, and they don’t know what to do, they don’t know how to act. So we stayed in there and talked with them for a little while. And then we… there was so much drama going on that we…


Mrs. Jones 19:31

Well, we hadn’t had dinner yet either. So we bowed out. But it’s a shame because the other couple that you had met on the beat, they were they were pretty cute. And, you know, they were pretty flippable.


Mr. Jones 19:44

Maybe, but we were with our friends and it wasn’t on the agenda.


Mrs. Jones 19:48

No, but I think they were extremely open minded.


Mr. Jones 19:52

Well, they came back and sat next to us at the beach every day.


Mrs. Jones 19:56

Yeah, we talked to them every day. Yeah.


Mr. Jones 20:00

Anyway, but here’s the funnier story. The funnier story is that, again, this was later in the week. The four of us were sitting at the bar.


Mrs. Jones 20:09

Yeah, we met at the bar every night before we would go to dinner. So there were like eight restaurants in this resort.


Mr. Jones 20:15

So you two ladies were sitting next to each other and I have to agree you two were the most beautiful women at the resort, but I’m biased.


Mrs. Jones 20:23

Okay. Can I preface this? So the four of us had been on the beach all day. We had gone back to our rooms, to get cleaned up. We met at our room.


Mr. Jones 20:36 Had sex.


Mrs. Jones 20:37

No, no. My girlfriend and I had sex.


Mr. Jones 20:41 Oh, right.


Mrs. Jones 20:41

And we made you guys just watch.


Mr. Jones 20:43

Right. Oh, and I have a picture of that. Can I describe that?


Mrs. Jones 20:48 What?


Mr. Jones 20:49

The two of you… like he and I – the other husband and I were sitting in chairs, next to the sliding glass doors watching you. You two are on the bed and you were like scissored. You were leaning back and your head was off the mattress so your hair was falling down outside of the mattress.


Mrs. Jones 21:12

Oh, I remember that picture. Okay.


Mr. Jones 21:13

And you each had a toy. And you were looking at each other, and you were each playing with the toy.


Mrs. Jones 21:19

Well, we were playing with my new vibrating double dildo, and then we each had a vibrator. Yes.


Mr. Jones 21:26

And I’m not one for pictures, but when he and I saw that, I said, I have got to get a picture of that. So I took a picture of that. And that turned out nice. So, yeah. Sorry to interrupt your story.


Mrs. Jones 21:40

Okay, so anyway, so she and I looked fabulous when the four of us got together.


Mr. Jones 21:46

Well, you had the just fuck me hair.


Mrs. Jones 21:48

I know. And like we both had been making out. So like, I didn’t even look at myself in the mirror after. We just we got up and put our clothes on and we went to Martini bar. I’m pretty sure… cuz she wears

bright red lipstick – I’m pretty sure that was smeared on my face. I never looked at myself in the mirror after that. I know my hair was messed up. And I know you wouldn’t have told me that I had fuck me hair…


Mr. Jones 22:15

No, because you looked hot.


Mrs. Jones 22:16

Because that was a badge of honor for you. So anyway, so my girlfriend and I are sitting next to each other at the martini bar and you two are standing behind us.


Mr. Jones 22:26

So there was another couple that came up and sat down next to you ladies, and they were very attractive. And then they were talking to another woman and we started… anyway, that’s not important. What’s important is that I went over and started talking with them, introduced myself and they were from Montreal. And we talked with them for a while and they were very social. And, you know, but again, very attractive. So I talked to them for a few minutes and then I came back over behind you and then our friend – the other husband – he was closer to them. So he went over and started talking to them. I happen to look up, and our friend…


Mrs. Jones 23:07

…who is normally unflappable…


Mr. Jones 23:09

Yes. He’s looking at me. And his eyes are as big as saucers. And he’s giving me the come hither with this index finger. You guys come over here, come over here. I need you come over here. I’m going, oh my gosh, what’s going on over there? So I left you two ladies and I walked over to him, and he’s talking with this other couple. And he says, they know about us. And I said, What?


Mrs. Jones 23:37 Know about what?


Mr. Jones 23:37

He said, they know, they know they can tell. I said, what are you talking about? And I said, Do you mean the fact that we’re swingers? And I didn’t really want to come out and say it because I suspected that’s what he was talking about. But he didn’t… he didn’t say the word. He was like waiting for me to say the word. And I said, Oh, they know where that were swingers. And he said, Yes. So I turned to the couple and they were laughing. And I asked our friend, I said, Well, what did he say to you? And he said, he just turned around and looked at me and said, You guys are swingers, aren’t you? I mean, it wasn’t even… It wasn’t even a question. It wasn’t even beating around the bush. It was like, you guys are swingers, aren’t you? So I turned to the guy. And I think because you and I are more public and a little bit more out than our than our friends. I think he just needed me over there to have the conversation. So I started talking to the guy and I said, yeah, we are and we’re here together and what’s your story? And he said, well, we’ve been in the lifestyle for six years, and we’re meeting some people here tomorrow, but they’re not in the lifestyle. They’re just coming down to have vacation with us. And I said, Well, how could you tell? Was it a black… I didn’t say this, but I’m thinking is there a black ring?


Mrs. Jones 24:54

You know, I mean, it could have been my fuck me hair and my girlfriend’s red lipstick smeared on my face. I don’t know.


Mr. Jones 25:00

Well, first of all the four of us were together and he said, you just give off that vibe. You four just gave off that vibe. And he said, we’re in this lifestyle, and we picked up on it right away and there was no doubt that this is what you guys were doing. We’re like, holy cow. And if they didn’t have friends coming in the next day, we could have totally had them join our little group.


Mrs. Jones 25:24

Well, the last day we were there, they ended up hanging out with us at the pool for a little while.


Mr. Jones 25:28 Yeah, they did.


Mrs. Jones 25:28

Then it rained, remember. And then they they left because it started pouring down rain.


Mr. Jones 25:33

Well, the other funny thing was while I was over there talking with them at the bar, and I had been talking with them for a few minutes, I reached in my wallet and I pulled out one of our We Gotta Thing business cards. And you looked over and you saw me doing that.


Mrs. Jones 25:46

I’m like, what is he doing? Like I didn’t even bring any business cards on vacation with me, like, this was just like, vacation.


Mr. Jones 25:53

Yeah. So I’m like, hey, here we are at a vanilla resort and people can still tell that we’re swingers.


Mrs. Jones 26:00

Oh my goodness. It was fun though.


Mr. Jones 26:02

Anyway, we had such a good time with our friends. And we didn’t get sick of each other.


Mrs. Jones 26:07 Nope.


Mr. Jones 26:08

And I think we’re gonna do that again sometime.


Mrs. Jones 26:10

Yep. So we had some fun on our rooftop too.


Mr. Jones 26:15

Oh, yeah. Yeah, you want to talk about that?

Mrs. Jones 26:18

So my gosh. So they were having, well, this is… it’s kind of sad, but like the resorts in the Dominican Republic, you can get some pretty good deals on now because of all of the problems that they’ve had with people getting, you know, sick and…


Mr. Jones 26:38

The four bottles of alcohol that were in our room, they have new tamper proof caps on them. There’s some sort of a ball bearing inside the cap that, you know, tells you that it’s… and we didn’t… we did open the gin, but we brought the other three bottles home. We haven’t opened ’em yet. But we had no problems at all. Anyway, go on. So it wasn’t…


Mrs. Jones 27:04

Well, and we were staying in a really nice resort, so, you know, I wasn’t worried going into the whole thing. But yeah, there’s been so many tragedies in the Dominican Republic. You know, I think that’s kind of affected the the occupancy rate and all that.


Mr. Jones 27:20

But we had a ocean front room and it was a two story room. So the bottom was a regular room with a balcony.


Mrs. Jones 27:30

Right. So my point is I normally… we wouldn’t have been that extravagant. But the they were having really good deals, unfortunately, because the occupancy rate is so low. So, yeah, we had a beachfront honeymoon, two story, terrace suite.


Mr. Jones 27:46

Well, and we knew that our friends were going to be there too. So when you go out on a balcony, you make a right and go up the stairs and the whole roof top, the length of our room, was ours too. So you you walked up onto the roof and then the backside was a double bed and a plunge pool. And then towards the middle of the roof was a furniture arrangement. Like a sofa and a coffee table. And then on the front looking through the glass part of the glass balcony was the ocean, but there was another double bed with a canopy there. So you can imagine…


Mrs. Jones 28:25

We had sex everywhere, except we never got in the plunge pool because you said it was cold. You got in with my my friend.


Mr. Jones 28:33

Yeah, we’ll talk about that later.


Mrs. Jones 28:34 Yeah.


Mr. Jones 28:37

But you and I went up there a couple of times too, and we would have probably not have gotten that room if we weren’t going with another couple because that gave us a lot of privacy.


Mrs. Jones 28:47

Yes. Because the walls on the sides of it were stucco.


Mr. Jones 28:52

Yeah. So you could literally go naked up there. And nobody would see you.


Mrs. Jones 28:56

Right. I mean, it was incredible. So, the only bad thing about that rooftop terrace was the coffee table, because I got a new vibrating double… or no, not a double dildo, a vibrating dildo for Christmas…


Mr. Jones 29:16

With the suction cup on it.


Mrs. Jones 29:17

Well, right I asked for it to put in my strap on, because I thought that would be kind of fun. And then I never ended up doing that. So I still have to try that out. I know it’s only January. But it had a suction cup on it. So I’m like, yeah, so one afternoon we came back from the beach early. And I’m like, let’s go upstairs. So I get out my new little friend and I like stick him to the coffee table.


Mr. Jones 29:42

And he wouldn’t stick.


Mrs. Jones 29:43 He wouldn’t stay!


Mr. Jones 29:45

I was disappointed.


Mrs. Jones 29:46

Because I was gonna do like this lap dance kind of thing. And I was gonna like, you know, dance on top of the double dildo and like, you know, kind of make use of him and then it has a remote control with it. So I gave Mr. Jones the remote control and I’m like, you know, let me do my thing. And when I get situated, you turn on the the vibrating part of it, but, stupid thing. Every time Mr. Jones would turn on the vibrating part, it would like…


Mr. Jones 30:12

It would just fall over.


Mrs. Jones 30:13

It would just get excited and it would vibrate too much, and it would lose its suction. So that was an epic fail. But…


Mr. Jones 30:20

Yeah, but the last day that we were there, we were kind of… we had a few hours. We had a late checkout the day that we left, and we were getting ready to go to the beach to spend a couple more hours with our friends before we had to leave and I walked up behind you in the bathroom while you were getting ready. And I started kind of rubbing up against you.


Mrs. Jones 30:40

I was using my flat iron. Like I was straightening my hair. And Mr. Jones comes up behind me and starts rubbing his cock up against my butt crack. And I’m like, dude, I have a 410 degree flat iron in my hand.


Mr. Jones 30:55

But you said, we have time. If we’re gonna have sex. Let’s go up on the roof.


Mrs. Jones 31:00 Let’s do it now.


Mr. Jones 31:01

So we went back up on the roof one more time before we left. But anyway, that was an awesome trip.


Mrs. Jones 31:07

You know what the best part of that little session was?


Mr. Jones 31:10 What?


Mrs. Jones 31:11

Again, I was laying on a bed with my head hanging over the side. Only I was on the rooftop of a beach front suite, in the Dominican Republic. So Mr. Jones is like, fucking me. I’m leaning my head over and I’m like, this is the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen while I’ve been having sex before. Like the beautiful… the ocean in the Dominican Republic is unmistakeably beautiful. The turquoise colors you see in pictures is not even as pretty as it as in person. So I got to look at that while you were like, having your way with me. It was amazing. It was good to be me that day.


Mr. Jones 31:58

Yeah. It was a fun trip. I think we’ll probably talk maybe more about that at snapshot time. Okay, well, before we get too much further into that, let’s take a quick break. And when we come back, we’re gonna talk about kissing and telling.


Mrs. Jones 32:15

Whether it’s a dilemma or something else.


Mr. Jones 32:18

Yeah, we’ll be right back. [Music]


Mrs. Jones 32:33

Welcome back to segment two, the kiss and tell dilemma.


Mr. Jones 32:38

Yeah, I mean, most people tell us that they don’t kiss and tell. And I think…


Mrs. Jones 32:45 That’s a good thing.


Mr. Jones 32:46

Not kissing and telling is probably what most people prefer. Or at least say.


Mrs. Jones 32:53

You know others kind of use it as an opportunity to brag, and maybe that’s – do you think that’s a newbie thing?


Mr. Jones 33:05

We’ll talk about that in a minute.


Mrs. Jones 33:07

Jeeze. Again, I’m not following Mr. Jones’s outline. Oh my gosh. [Laughs]


Mr. Jones 33:12

I don’t think it’s a newbie thing. But I’ll tell you why later. Let’s not do… we’ll do a spoiler alert.


Mrs. Jones 33:18

All right. Now, here’s like the bucket of cold water part that actually is kind of important. You know, sometimes people say, well, they’re kissing and telling because it’s a safety or security issue.


Mr. Jones 33:31

Right. And that comes closest to it being a legitimate reason to do. And we’ll talk about that too. And you know what, other people just plain kiss and tell. That’s what they do. And…


Mrs. Jones 33:44

It’s a bragging thing…


Mr. Jones 33:46

Well, or you’re just open to talking about everything. And anyway, we’re going to talk about all of these different types of scenarios and different types of people because we’ve run into them all.


Mrs. Jones 34:00

Right. And, you know, I think it’s all about where is that line of discretion…


Mr. Jones 34:06 Or is there a line?


Mrs. Jones 34:09

Yeah, yes. There is a line. It’s just where is it?


Mr. Jones 34:13

Yeah. So to start, we’re going to talk about our preference. And I think most people that travel in our circles, it’s our preference. And that is the case for not kissing and telling. So let’s start there.


Mrs. Jones 34:30

Well, I think, it’s just a privacy thing. Like, I don’t know, think about… take a step back and think about the vanilla world.


Mr. Jones 34:41 Okay.


Mrs. Jones 34:42

Like, you don’t even talk about your own sex life to your friends and clearly not your family because that’s just kind of crazy. But, you know, think about how discreet you used to be. You didn’t even talk about your own personal preferences or your own experiences. So now you’re in the lifestyle, and now what makes it okay to talk about that with other people?


Mr. Jones 35:09

Well, I think that’s a good point. And I think the fact that we are open in the lifestyle and we do have these conversations that people sometimes make the mistake of just assuming that everything is fair game.


Mrs. Jones 35:23

Oh, good point. Yeah,


Mr. Jones 35:24

You know that, gosh, I was never allowed to talk about this before, but now I am allowed to talk about it and there’s no social norm around it. There’s no… so therefore, I don’t even maybe stop to understand that there’s an ethical, you know, situation here and I just tell all because I don’t know any different.


Mrs. Jones 35:48

Well, in the lifestyle community, the different flavors of swinging are so broad, you can’t fit everybody into the same box. So like you said, you step away from vanilla life and all of a sudden, there’s just this huge open space, and you don’t know how to properly fit in it and how…where’s the level of discretion. You know, that’s just kind of an unknown.


Mr. Jones 36:16

Right. Well, beyond privacy, I mean, the same thing holds true – is it’s really nobody else’s business.


Mrs. Jones 36:24

True, but it’s fun to talk about.


Mr. Jones 36:29

It is fun to talk about. But it’s nobody else’s business who you were with.


Mrs. Jones 36:35

Oh, so see that – to me, that’s kind of like the whole point of tonight’s discussion. There’s a difference between talking about your experience and a difference in talking about your experience as in who you were with.


Mr. Jones 36:51

Right, but I think though when it gets down to it when we… and we did an episode just a few months ago about consent, and in my mind, I think in our minds, when consent is… when we give consent, that doesn’t mean that we’re giving you consent to go talk about what we did. We’re giving you consent to play with us and vice versa, you’re giving us the same consent. But that consent doesn’t automatically come along with that the right to…


Mrs. Jones 37:25

Name names…


Mr. Jones 37:26

…talk about this with other people and name names. So I think there’s a consent issue here as well.


Mrs. Jones 37:34

This is so um… this just keeps dragging me back to high school. You know, because, I mean, that’s what happens in high school.


Mr. Jones 37:44 People talk.


Mrs. Jones 37:45

Yeah. And maybe that’s the problem. Maybe because this is so new. Your fallback is to, you know, where you used to be in these situations, after being in… especially people that have been in a relationship for a long time, you know, now you’re you’re back in this territory where you’re having experiences with other people. Well, what did you used to do when you had experiences with other people when you were in high school or college? And you’re talking to your friends about it. So now we’re talking to our lifestyle friends about it. But now all of a sudden it’s not cool to name names anymore.


Mr. Jones 38:24

Right. Also, there’s a big trust issue involved here. And this is big for us, like the friends that we just went on vacation with. One of the reasons that we’re such good friends with them is a few years ago, we were at Naughty in New Orleans, and we met a couple. And the couple that we met, unbeknownst to us, were really good friends with our good friends. Our good friends never even told that other couple who we were. I’m not even talking about that we’ve played together. They didn’t obviously say that. They didn’t even tell them that they knew that we were the Joneses.


Mrs. Jones 39:06

Right. Because when they introduced us to them, they just gave them our first names, which means nothing. You know, and then like, the next day, this new couple that we met came up and they were like, We can’t believe it. We had no idea!


Mr. Jones 39:21

Our good friends knew you and they didn’t say anything about it. And we would never hold anybody to that standard of not at least saying that, you know who we are. But the fact that they did that, that kind of trust that somebody takes to protect us and to protect… that’s so… first of all, it’s meaningful. And you know what, I think it’s sexy. It’s very sexy that we have this private thing that nobody else knows about. And it’s our little secret. And they didn’t share that with somebody. And it just makes It more endearing to me to be with them.


Mrs. Jones 40:03

Well, I mean, we have we have another couple that is the exact same way. And, you know, they’ve told us stories about being in settings where people are talking about us as the Joneses. And they just, they play dumb. Like, you know, well we met so and so at, you know, whatever. And they don’t let on.


Mr. Jones 40:25

Well, we even gave them permission. We said, you know, you guys can go ahead and they said, No, we’re not going to do that. We’re not gonna do that. That’s not our place to do that.


Mrs. Jones 40:31

Well… the couple I’m talking about they met us before we even thought about having a podcast.


Mr. Jones 40:35

They still say that. They still say it’s not our…we’re not going to do that.


Mrs. Jones 40:40

And I adore that about them.


Mr. Jones 40:41

Yeah, we hold them in such high regard for that. Because we know how difficult it… we know if we were in their situation and you hear a bunch of people talking about us, how easy it would be to say, Oh, yeah, I know them. And then people would say, Oh, really, tell us about it. So you would get that gratification that you knew somebody… but they chose not to do that.


Mrs. Jones 41:07

But both couples we’re talking about right now, they don’t think of us as the Joneses. They think of us as just us. I mean, you know, blah, so what, we have a podcast.


Mr. Jones 41:17

And in my mind, that trust that’s there, that allows us to be very, very intimate. We can do anything. Like the couple that we went to Punta Cana, we can say anything, we can do anything. We can be ourselves, you know, we don’t have to worry that they are going to say anything or, you know, to somebody else… that never enters our mind. So we’re very relaxed.


Mrs. Jones 41:46

Right. They’re not going to kiss and tell.


Mr. Jones 41:48

No. Right, which is important to us.


Mrs. Jones 41:50 Right.


Mr. Jones 41:52

And that leads to the strong friendship that we have. I mean, when you have friends, your friends, your true friends got your back. And true friends are there through thick and thin, and you can tell them anything, and so much more in the lifestyle is that… it’s so much more meaningful in the lifestyle because people share such intimate things about themselves. And we do as well. So there’s more reason to need that trust than there is in real… because in real life, we don’t talk about this. We don’t talk about our sex lives with people. There’s no temptation for other people to talk about it. Well, in the lifestyle, we do. So when people don’t talk about that, that just that just deepens our friendship with them.


Mrs. Jones 42:41

Right. And I think that kind of just goes back to what I want to keep circling back to is like, it’s hard to know where that line is in the lifestyle. Because it’s just… this is not normal. You know, so, I guess the moral of the story tonight that we’re going to keep hitting is that, you know, err on the side of caution.


Mr. Jones 43:03

Right. And so not only trust, but for me it’s a matter of respect, like, I mean, as a gentleman, at least I’m going to use that term loosely, as a gentleman, you know, I think it’s my responsibility to, you know, to make sure that you’re honored or that if I’m with another woman, I want to honor her by not talking about her to other people. It’s like, honoring her as a woman. And so I think, you know, respect, you know, comes into it at that time, too.


Mrs. Jones 43:39

I mean, honoring somebody and respecting them is one thing, but we get together with another couple who we’re friends with or we get together with a new couple and you start like, swapping lifestyle stories.


Mr. Jones 43:53 Yeah.


Mrs. Jones 43:54

Is it okay to talk about the experience?


Mr. Jones 43:56

Well, that’s see that’s the whole thing. Of course, it is. You can talk about your good experiences, your bad experiences, your funny experiences, your sexy experiences, it’s a way to let other people know what your experiences is and what you’re interested in. But the difference here is you’re not naming names, you’re just talking about… it’s sexy. So when we get together with another couple, we meet them for the first time and we start talking about, you know, the second hour of conversation at dinner. When you start getting into sexy talk, you can start talking about your lifestyle experiences, and of course, everybody should talk about their experience. It’s just sexy. And it’s a way to get to know somebody.


Mrs. Jones 44:42

Right? Like, you know… what kind of experiences did they find to be fun or funny, or hot? You know, when you can tell an experience, you know, vaguely in that you’re not naming names. Especially like if you play with like, a lot of local couples like that can be really awkward. But you and I travel so much, it’s a little easier, I think for us to be vague and not name names.


Mr. Jones 45:14

I don’t know that I could ever count the number of times that we’ve been in a conversation with people and I’ve just done that fake, duly noted. Like, when I hear somebody telling the story, and the woman might say, and he wanted to have anal sex with me, and that’s only for my husband. And I’m like, ‘duly noted.’ You know, so as you’re telling a story, you know, it tells me what’s off limits, and if I’m paying attention, what you like and what you don’t like.


Mrs. Jones 45:44

So kissing and telling actually has more to do with than just the people that you played with, then, you know, you’re kind of telling, like your story about what you’re into and not into. You know, so you want to be open about that. But you want to be discreet about who you did it with.


Mr. Jones 46:02

Right. And it’s a way that you can learn about others and actually grow as an individual because if somebody says, well, you know, they asked me if I wanted to do this, and I don’t know if I’m really interested in that. I’d really have to trust the people. That kind of intrigues me, you know, so it gives you a little bit of a hint of what’s on the table, or what you might be able to talk about with the other couple if they talk about that experience in a good way with another couple and share their fantasies. And it’s a way to flirt with people.


Mrs. Jones 46:37

Definitely. I mean, who doesn’t want to talk about sex? And who doesn’t want to watch somebody talk about sex? You know, because you can kind of watch somebody tell a story, and tell, you know, what is it about this experience that’s turning them on or scaring them off.


Mr. Jones 46:53

Well, in a way it’s almost like… I know you don’t like watching porn, so we don’t have to rehash that but it’s like…


Mrs. Jones 47:00 Sorry.


Mr. Jones 47:01

When you hear somebody else telling a story about a positive experience that they had with another couple, and they start to get flushed in the cheeks and they start to, you know, flirt a little bit, and they start to get turned on, that’s good for you.


Mrs. Jones 47:17 Right.


Mr. Jones 47:18

You know, so asking questions about that experience when they’re talking about – without asking, well, who were you with?


Mrs. Jones 47:25 Right.


Mr. Jones 47:25

That’s like, oh, why did you… have you ever done that before? Why did that turn you on? And what was it about him? That whole storytelling conversation about the experience you had with a couple gives us the chance to say, oh, tell me more about that, or yeah, that happened to us one time. Let me tell you about my story when that happened.


Mrs. Jones 47:44

Right. Right, but just keep it vague. And can I defend myself for a second?

Mr. Jones 47:49

About porn? Yes, yeah, go ahead.


Mrs. Jones 47:52

Think about the experiences we’ve had over the past five years. Why do I need to watch porn? I’ve got it all in my head! You know, we’ve had some pretty like crazy…


Mr. Jones 48:06

Because what it comes down to is like things that you and I can do together. Like, together, we can’t watch porn as a couple because I like it and you don’t like it. It would be like sex toys. It would be like anything else. Like if you wanted to use sex toys, and I was jealous of sex toys, it wouldn’t work out.


Mrs. Jones 48:26 Right…


Mr. Jones 48:26

So it has to do with just you and me.


Mrs. Jones 48:28

I know but porn puts me to sleep. I can’t lay there still for that long and not get sleepy. We had like, actually, this week, there was like this long discussion in our ladies group in our community about porn, and I don’t think I’m alone. I’m not afraid to say I don’t like it.


Mr. Jones 48:53

Okay, this is depressing.


Mrs. Jones 48:54

Okay, What? It’s not depressing.


Mr. Jones 48:57

It is for me because that’s where I like to learn. I get ideas from watching porn.


Mrs. Jones 49:03 It’s not real honey.


Mr. Jones 49:04

Honey, you’re not listening to me.


Mrs. Jones 49:05

Nobody has a 25 minute orgasm.


Mr. Jones 49:07

No, but there’s… if you go on some porn sites that are free, there’s all kinds of things.


Mrs. Jones 49:13

Okay, now amateur porn is totally different. Mr. Jones 49:15

Well, you know, speaking of that…


Mrs. Jones 49:17

And most porn stars, like I don’t want their dicks near me because they’re too big.


Mr. Jones 49:23

Okay, what you’ve just done is you’ve just thrown down the gauntlet and I am going to prove to you that porn is not what you think it is because the porn that you and I ever watched was on DVDs and it was movies.


Mrs. Jones 49:34 Now you’re aging us.


Mr. Jones 49:34

Now what’s online is amateur porn. As a matter of fact, Pornhub just released their 2019 most searched categories on their website, and amateur was number one. So that’s to your point. People don’t want to see porn stars. They want to see people that look like them and act like them and do things like them.

And that’s what I like to watch because I like to get ideas like, oh, man, I never thought of that. That’s pretty cool. You know, we could do that.


Mrs. Jones 50:07

But I’ve got all that in my head.


Mr. Jones 50:09 No, you don’t.


Mrs. Jones 50:10 What?


Mr. Jones 50:11

You’ve never even seen half the shit that people do.


Mrs. Jones 50:14

Well, I’ve seen stuff that we’ve done… that’s pretty amazing


Mr. Jones 50:19

I know. But I’m learning from watching other people.


Mrs. Jones 50:22

Well, I’m learning from watching us do it. That’s pretty amazing.


Mr. Jones 50:27

That’s a whole nother topic. Let’s get back to kissing and telling. So I think before we move on to the kissing and telling aspect of it, let’s not… let’s talk about us as podcasters because people could say that you know, you guys are hypocritical because you have a podcast and you talk about your experiences.


Mrs. Jones 50:48

We try really hard to keep it vague.


Mr. Jones 50:51

Okay, what do you mean by vague?


Mrs. Jones 50:53

Well, okay, so we just got back from the Desire a month ago. And there were, what, sixty-some couples there that we traveled with. And we… I don’t know, like, I don’t even want to like know, but we try really hard to be discreet about who we play with there. I don’t know, like, we don’t pick up a couple in a disco and grab hands with them – like, I don’t grab the other husband’s hand, you grab the other wives hand, and we walk out. That’s not our style, our technique, our method, whatever. So we try to be discreet.

Are people really watching that closely? I hope not. I hope they’re having their own fun.


Mr. Jones 51:39

Yeah, you’re talking about us as podcasters at an event. I’m talking about us as podcasting right now, like when we talk – just like we did for the last half hour…


Mrs. Jones 51:48

Our 71 recordings…


Mr. Jones 51:50

We talked about times we had with other people. But we do that carefully. We do that because we – first of all, we don’t share their names. That’s not important. Because in our podcast, we want to talk about our experiences, good, bad or indifferent. We talk about the experience. And we separate that from the individual. So in my mind, that’s not kissing and telling… and podcasters have to walk this fine line of how much do you share about experiences that you have with other people. Because you’re going to potentially hurt somebody’s feelings. If it’s a negative experience or a bad experience.


Mrs. Jones 52:38

One thing that – time is on our side here, but – one thing that we’ve been able to do is kind of mix up the timeline a little… So like, the thing that we talked about may not have happened two weeks ago, they might have happened a year ago. And we have the liberty of kind of mixing that up little bit, especially when it’s something that we’ve had to learn from – to put it nicely. You know, we don’t have perfect experiences every time.


Mr. Jones 53:12

No, we don’t, and let’s just say that that’s part of what we’re doing. We’re sharing ourselves to help people learn… and avoid. We’re doing this to help other people decide what’s good for them and what they want to try. And we’re being vulnerable. I mean, we’re putting ourselves out there at the risk of people disagreeing with us or getting their feelings hurt about us, about what we say.


Mrs. Jones 53:47

And especially now more so than at the beginning. Like, we would…we don’t play with people unless they know we have a podcast because we want to give them an out. If they think, Oh my god, they’re going to talk about us, and I don’t want my experience being put out there, we want them to have that out.


Mr. Jones 54:09

Right and what’s unfair for the people that we play with, where we don’t have a great experience is they don’t have a platform to get out and say the same thing about us, because we’ve probably had experiences with people where we were a bad experience for them. But we don’t know it…


Mrs. Jones 54:27

…because there’s two sides to every story. Yeah. And we know that. I mean… I have my own struggles that I constantly struggle with, and I know it affects the way my experience is with other people.


Mr. Jones 54:43

So we don’t think it’s important. The mission and the vision and the way that we structure our podcast. Knowing who it is that we play with is irrelevant and not important. The important thing is the experience itself. Whether we were right or we were wrong or the other couple was right or wrong, that’s really what we’re trying to get at is sharing the experience, and even sometimes I think if we were to share names or name people, it almost distracts people from the message that we’re trying to convey, because it doesn’t really matter who, as far as the podcast goes, it matters to us individually, because we care about these people, and we know them.


Mrs. Jones 55:27

Right, good experience or bad experience. I mean, there’s some level of caring there because we wouldn’t have even initiated the interaction if there wasn’t something there.


Mr. Jones 55:38

Right. Okay. So I think we’ve covered kind of our preference and what we believe most people that we interact with, that we’re going to be close with, share the same idea about. It’s not a good idea to kiss and tell.


Mrs. Jones 55:55

Okay, but when is it okay to kiss and tell?


Mr. Jones 56:03 Or is it ever okay?


Mrs. Jones 56:04

Well, safety and security, honey, I’m a girl. I’m vulnerable.


Mr. Jones 56:10 Yeah.


Mrs. Jones 56:11 Safety and security.


Mr. Jones 56:12

Okay, so specifically, what do you mean by that?


Mrs. Jones 56:16

Okay, I’ll give you a very specific example. Let’s say we play with a couple. Full swap. Oh yeah, I’m all in. I’m all in. Condoms. Oh, of course, of course condoms. And then we’re playing and all of a sudden, the guy is like, trying to like slip in from behind, and I reach my hand back there and there’s no condom.


Mr. Jones 56:42 Okay.


Mrs. Jones 56:44 That’s not okay.


Mr. Jones 56:45 I agree.


Mrs. Jones 56:46

And that has happened to us.


Mr. Jones 56:48

So what’s your question?


Mrs. Jones 56:50

Okay, so that happens. You and I deal with it. We walk away and like I can’t believe that just happened, but it did. And you know, We’ve been duped and whatever. So then, let’s say, I don’t know, let’s just say we’re at NIN or Desire, like a multi day thing. And then we see good friends of ours start interacting with this couple we just had this really bad experience with, and we can see like the snowball starting to roll down the hill. What do we do?


Mr. Jones 57:23

So what about security? Do you mean something about your… somebody hurting you physically?


Mrs. Jones 57:34

Emotionally more than physically? I mean, I don’t know. Like, yes, there could be a situation where somebody could overpower you. But then I also know that you and I are same room. So you’re always within arm’s reach of me. So I’m never really… that the whole security thing


Mr. Jones 57:58

But that’s a good point for people who play separately.


Mrs. Jones 58:01

Oh, sorry, my tunnel vision here. Yeah. So like security, you know, that could be definitely an issue if somebody crossed a line. When I was by myself in another room, another gentleman, that’s scary stuff.


Mr. Jones 58:18 Right. So…


Mrs. Jones 58:20

The bottom line is I’m in pretty good shape for a girl. But I’m also five-four and couldn’t really beat the shit out of anybody, you know?


Mr. Jones 58:28

I think what both you and I are saying is that if there’s ever a good reason to kiss and tell, it would be because of safety and security. We would tell.


Mrs. Jones 58:40 Yes.


Mr. Jones 58:40

We would tell. Whether it’s, don’t do it, or whether it’s, hey, let me share my experience, we’re telling.


Mrs. Jones 58:46

Right. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an acquaintance or a good friend. I don’t want any female to experience, potentially, what I dodged a bullet on with this guy.


Mr. Jones 58:56

Right. Okay. So that’s a legitimate issue. Here’s another one that we see all the time. And especially on dating websites, you certify or vouch for another couple, like, think about this on a website. When you certify somebody or vouch for somebody basically you’re saying, I’ve had sex with these people, and they’re okay.


Mrs. Jones 59:21

Yeah, they’re a good fuck. I mean, seriously? So that’s pretty subjective.


Mr. Jones 59:22

I understand. I understand. It’s like, reviews and a podcast, or it’s like, the reviews for your Uber driver. I understand the premise behind it. But really, what you’re saying is that I’ve had sex with them. So that’s kissing and telling. But the reason that you’re doing it… that this website actually promotes it. It’s a feature. You know, you can go in and you can say, I’ve had sex with these people, and you should have sex with them, too. I mean, people don’t come out and say it like that. But that’s really what it means.


Mrs. Jones 59:41 Yeah, that’s true.


Mr. Jones 59:59

You might be tempted to fill out that certification or that recommendation, not really understanding what you’re doing because you’re new to this. And this website’s saying that hey, the more certifications you have, the more legitimate you are. I’m not so sure about that. What do you think about that?


Mrs. Jones 1:00:20

I don’t know. It’s really awkward. I mean, I don’t know. That takes me back to high school. I said that before. It just seems awkward, like, Oh, yeah, we had a ton of fun with them, you’re going to have fun with them, too. That’s not true. Everybody’s going to have a different experience, because just the dynamic among the four people is going to be different. So you cannot vouch for somebody. Like you could vouch for them in the fact that, yeah, he wore a condom when I asked him to wear a condom or, you know, we’re a soft swap couple and they, you know, adhered to that. But as far as them being like, fun, or, you know, cool, or, I don’t know…you can’t even vouch for the fact that they don’t have STIs – who can even do that? So I think it’s a bunch of baloney.


Mr. Jones 1:01:17

Okay. Well, here’s a legitimate reason why you can kiss and tell. And that’s if somebody just gives you consent to kiss [and tell]. I mean, if we have sex together, and you’re like in among a circle of friends in

your local area, and you all know each other, and you’re like, Hey, have at it. Go tell. I don’t care who you tell that we had sex. Well, all bets are off at that point in time, because you’re not harming anybody.


Mrs. Jones 1:01:42

Yeah. We know a couple, like clusters of friends that are very open about who they play with. And there’s no shame and there’s no guilt or there’s no whatever. And good for them. I mean, they’re having fun and it works for them.


Mr. Jones 1:02:02

So here’s something… I think this is the tricky one. So I’m gonna ask you – what if you just have… this is not a safety or security issue. What if you just have a bad experience with a couple?


Mrs. Jones 1:02:15

No. Don’t kiss and tell. Because maybe the bad experience was because you did not have a four way connection. And your friends that are asking about this other couple, maybe they’re – the four them, they’re going to click and it’s going to be awesome.


Mr. Jones 1:02:35

So the person that shares that they had a bad experience might be tainting your judgment of another person because they want you to think that they’re not the ones that were in the wrong.


Mrs. Jones 1:02:52

Exactly. Like, who’s to say the bad experience is on the other couple and not the girlfriend telling you?


Mr. Jones 1:02:59 Exactly.


Mrs. Jones 1:03:00 That’s crazy.


Mr. Jones 1:03:01

So just be careful if people share about, like, a bad experience, and we’re going to talk more about…


Mrs. Jones 1:03:08

Like who created that bad experience? Or maybe that bad experience wasn’t created, maybe there was never chemistry to begin with. And the four people should have never even attempted to get together.


Mr. Jones 1:03:18

So I think, before we move into that, we agree that a bad experience is no excuse for kissing and telling.


Mrs. Jones 1:03:27

Right, right, there’s a difference between a bad experience and the whole safety security thing.


Mr. Jones 1:03:33

So let’s talk about things to consider before you kiss and tell, which is gonna lead right into that. So there are two sides to every story.


Mrs. Jones 1:03:43

That’s exactly what I was just saying.


Mr. Jones 1:03:45

But now I’m giving you permission to say it. (Laughs)


Mrs. Jones 1:03:49

I’m allowed to rant now?


Mr. Jones 1:03:51 Well, it’s in the outline.


Mrs. Jones 1:03:53

Good lord. Okay, so now I’m allowed to rant. So yeah, I mean, there are definitely two sides to every story. Like, you and I are not perfect lovers. I mean, we’re pretty good together. But as far as how other people perceive us, like, who knows what’s going through their head. You know, sometimes we have fun and they probably walk away, like, What the hell was that? I don’t know. You don’t know. So you can’t take one side of a story as the gospel.


Mr. Jones 1:04:24

Right. So just to keep that in mind and most…


Mrs. Jones 1:04:29

And the thing is, you could really miss a great opportunity. Because friends of yours had a crappy experience with this super cool couple that, you know, you’re like really interested in and your friends are like, Oh, no, like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then you’re listening to all this garbage and you’re thinking, Oh my gosh, okay, well, we just dodged a bullet. Well, who knows? Like, maybe your connection with that friend…


Mr. Jones 1:04:53

Well, you don’t know the other side of the story.


Mrs. Jones 1:04:55 Exactly. Exactly.


Mr. Jones 1:04:58

Okay, the next thing is that you played a role in the outcome. So if you have a bad experience with somebody, if somebody tells you, I had a bad experience with them, well, what was your role in that bad experience? Did you have anything to do with that? Because you were there. Did something that you said, is something that you did, something you didn’t pick up on? You know, you were there, you played a role. So almost when you share a bad experience, you have to assume that the person that’s sharing that with you played a role, and maybe it wasn’t 100%…


Mrs. Jones 1:05:38

Maybe it wasn’t their fault, but you know, what, what level of effort did they put in to fix it? Or, you know, whatever.


Mr. Jones 1:05:45

Right. It reminds me of when… this was a long time ago. Remember, we went on vacation to Massachusetts, and we got into a car accident? And it was clearly the other person’s fault, but the state of Massachusetts, they assign blame and percentages, like, was it 90% your fault? 80% your fault? 70%? And at the time it irritated me because it was 100% – which, it turned out to be 100% the other person’s fault. But the bottom line is here… is that any bad experience or any accident – you can almost certainly say that the person who was not guilty played somewhat of a role. Whether it was 10% or 20% of that bad experience.


Mrs. Jones 1:06:31

Right. What did they do to manage the situation?


Mr. Jones 1:06:34

And you know the situation, and you don’t know what their contribution had to do with it, you don’t know if their contribution – how that affected the bad experience. So… these are just things to keep in mind. Another thing is the dynamics are different for each couple.


Mrs. Jones 1:06:54

Right. That’s kind of the point I was trying to make earlier. Like, you know, just because you’re best lifestyle friends have a shitty experience with somebody doesn’t mean that you’re going to have the same experience with that couple. Because it’s going to be a completely different balance of chemistry and dynamics between, you know, that husband and wife and you and your spouse.


Mr. Jones 1:07:19

That’s right. Because if there’s chemistry between me and another woman, that chemistry is going to create an opportunity where if she does something to me, and even if it’s a negative, I’m not going to take it that way, because we have this connection and this chemistry. But if you don’t have that connection, and something goes wrong, you might perceive it to be intentional. So this dynamic that you have with a couple could be completely different than the people that are sharing something with you.


Mrs. Jones 1:07:47

Right. And I think the other thing that is huge here that we haven’t talked about at all tonight, is that what are you doing to your own reputation? When you’re going around saying, Oh, don’t play with this couple because blah, blah, blah or no, no, don’t play with that couple because this happened to us and blah, blah, blah…


Mr. Jones 1:08:09 Honey, it’s not even that


Mrs. Jones 1:08:10 What?


Mr. Jones 1:08:11

I get your point, but it’s even when somebody comes to me and says they did play with that couple and it was a good experience, I’m thinking, Okay, if you’re telling me about an experience you had with another couple, then the likelihood that you’re going to go to some other person and tell them about our play experience is pretty high. Even if it’s a good experience.


Mrs. Jones 1:08:33

Oh, yeah, that kind of sucks.


Mr. Jones 1:08:35

But it’s the same thing to your point, it’s about, like, credibility and trust with others. If you’re talking to me about other people, then I know that you’re going to talk about other people with me.


Mrs. Jones 1:08:46

Yeah. And I don’t want that. Like, I don’t want to be in the middle of play with you and having like my brain spinning going, Oh my god, they’re going to talk about this with other people.


Mr. Jones 1:08:56

Right. And, if you do that, you need to keep in mind that you’re going to lose play opportunities.


Mrs. Jones 1:09:01

Yeah. Because you’re going to get a reputation.


Mr. Jones 1:09:03

Because I’m gonna write, I’m gonna say, Well, I’m not interested in playing with you. You just ruined it because you’re talking to me about somebody else. I know you’re going to talk about me, I’m no longer interested. So you lose opportunities…


Mrs. Jones 1:09:16

Again, just to kind of clarify, it’s not that you’re telling me sexy stories about things that you’ve done in the lifestyle. It’s that you’re naming the names, as you’re telling me the sexy stories about the things that you’ve done in the lifestyle. I mean, isn’t that really what tonight’s topic is all about?


Mr. Jones 1:09:36

And it’s also about living and learning. So… back to the point, if I’m the person who had a bad experience, and let’s say 80% was not my fault and 20% was my fault, instead of telling other people I could look at that and say, Okay, I’m partially responsible for this. I didn’t use my words, or I let him do this longer than I should have, or I let her do this. So instead of telling other people about it and making a big deal about it, I’m going to correct my behavior. So the next time that doesn’t happen. So sometimes we don’t like to accept responsibility for our portion of what we did wrong. We would rather tell other people that somebody wronged me, it makes us feel better about ourselves. Okay, so here’s a question. And since I’m asking all the questions tonight…


Mrs. Jones 1:10:31 Great, is it for me?


Mr. Jones 1:10:34

What do you do when another couple comes to you and says, Hey, Mr. & Mrs. Jones, we’re about ready to go out on a date with this other couple. Do you know them? What can you tell us about them? And did you play with them and should we play with them? What do you do in that situation?


Mrs. Jones 1:10:53

As long as it wasn’t the dude that tried to like have sex with me without a condom without my consent, I would say, oh my gosh, I’m so glad that you guys got a chance to meet them blah, blah, blah. And I

would totally, like, put the ball back in their court about, you know, good for you. Let’s see how this plays out.


Mr. Jones 1:11:12

Okay, so what you’re saying is, whether it was a bad experience a neutral experience or good experience, that would be your answer.


Mrs. Jones 1:11:19 Yes.


Mr. Jones 1:11:19 Okay.


Mrs. Jones 1:11:21

As long as it wasn’t a safety or security issue. Even if it were a bad experience.


Mr. Jones 1:11:27

Don’t you think you would be tempted? If you had a bad experience, would you be tempted to tell them something negative about the other couple to make yourself feel better about the experience that you had?


Mrs. Jones 1:11:42

Of course, that would run through your mind. But I think you and I have been doing this long enough that we realize that every dynamic between couples is different. So even if it’s like, really, really good friends of ours, and we think, oh, they’re just like us, they’re just like us. You know, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be attracted to the same couples that we’re going to be attracted to or have the same chemistry that we’ve had. So encourage the exploration. I mean, isn’t that what this is all about? It’s about meeting new people and having new and different types of experiences.


Mr. Jones 1:12:28

You have to be unselfish in this lifestyle.


Mrs. Jones 1:12:32

You have to look at other people and say, okay, even if I had a bad experience with that couple, and I wanted to have a good experience with that couple, and they’re attractive, I have to say, good for you guys. Best of luck with that, and we hope you have a good time.


Right. And… then turn the tables right around. I mean, this doesn’t really have anything to do with kissin and telling but even if they’re good friends of yours, and you’ve had a good experience with another couple, let them enjoy that connection. Like, don’t sabotage anything for your own personal interests… because friends are friends… at the end of the day, this is between you and your partner. Not between you and another couple. Let them have their own experiences as long as it’s a safe environment.


Mr. Jones 1:13:24

Yeah. And I think before we close this up, we have to talk again about us as podcasters because we realized that people talk about their experiences with us. I mean…


Mrs. Jones 1:13:37

It’s kind of funny.


Mr. Jones 1:13:38

We accept the responsibility that we are podcasters and we are semi-celebrities, and even though I hate to use that word.


Mrs. Jones 1:13:48

We just have notoriety.


Mr. Jones 1:13:49

Notoriety… that’s what people think. So we know that we are vulnerable for other people to talk about being with us, and even though that’s not our preference, we accept the fact that people are going to do that.


Mrs. Jones 1:14:05

It comes with the territory, the microphones


Mr. Jones 1:14:07

We just hope that it’s a good time.


Mrs. Jones 1:14:11

It isn’t always, but most the time it is.


Mr. Jones 1:14:15

Yeah. And… there are people that get upset and there are people that say negative things about us. And you know what, we have to just live with that because we have bad experiences, too. And we talk about bad experiences, too. So…


Mrs. Jones 1:14:29

But we have so much fun, it all balances out.


Mr. Jones 1:14:32

It just goes with the territory. That’s right.

And most are done because of who we are. You know, because of us being podcasters. Right? … Mrs. Jones 1:14:46

Okay. So there’s been a couple of times. And I would… there’s only one that really jumps out at me, but I’m sure there’s more that I’m not really willing to acknowledge, where we’ve played with people because….


Mr. Jones 1:15:00

Oh, we’re guilty of that a couple of times.


Mrs. Jones 1:15:03

Oh, I’m only thinking really once. Mr. Jones 1:15:06



Mrs. Jones 1:15:07

You got more, huh? Yeah.


Mr. Jones 1:15:09

No, I know the one that you’re talking about.


Mrs. Jones 1:15:13

They totally, like, play with us because of who we are, and not because of our real selves.


Mr. Jones 1:15:19

Well… we sit here and we talk about – we want people to be with us because of who we are and not because we’re the Joneses. If we’re completely honest, there’s been a couple of times when there have been couples that have been just way out of our league… that wanted to play with us. And we totally did. We totally took advantage of that. I mean, just to be honest about it. It’s not our…


Mrs. Jones 1:15:42

Yeah, they played with the Joneses. Not who we really are.


Mr. Jones 1:15:45

Yeah. Which brings up another point while we’re on this topic, and that is, because we have this podcast and because we’ve been around for a while and because people think that we’re wise – quote unquote – and that we sit here and we talk about, you know, all of these things, people have the idea that we’re perfect. People have the idea that we’re to be held to a different standard, and that maybe we don’t make mistakes. And we totally make mistakes.


Mrs. Jones 1:16:16

Oh, our friends know that.


Mr. Jones 1:16:18

We make mistakes with our friends. We make mistakes during play, which you’ve heard Mrs. Jones berate me about lately. We make mistakes that affect our relationship, and we make mistakes that affect our friendships. We are human, and we don’t want to be held to a higher level… of accountability because we have a podcast, we’re sharing real shit. And… we’re not here telling people that we’re perfect. You may perceive that because of how we sound or what you think, but that’s not on us, because we’re always telling you that we are not perfect. We’ve had to apologize to people on air. We have made mistakes and we continue to make mistakes. So…


Mrs. Jones 1:17:05 We’re human.


Mr. Jones 1:17:05

Yeah, we’re human. So the fact that we have this podcast doesn’t make us any different.


Mrs. Jones 1:17:09

No. It just makes us crazy for actually putting it all out there.

Mr. Jones 1:17:14

Yeah. So it just goes with the territory. But the bottom line is our best friends keep it to themselves. Yeah. And we do the same for our best friends.


Mrs. Jones 1:17:25

And that’s why they’re our best friends. Yeah. And I don’t know, I feel like, that the vast majority of the people in the lifestyle have this mindset. Sometimes when you’re new to the lifestyle, you have to learn where that new line is. Because you’ve spent your whole life keeping this stuff quiet, like I said earlier, and now all of a sudden, you have this freedom to express what’s on your mind with other people, so you’re having to draw new lines in the sand. And we’re all learning and hopefully growing. And isn’t that the point? I mean, we want to keep growing as individuals and then growing closer together as a couple. So as long as you’re doing that, not at the expense of others, then it’s all good.


Mr. Jones 1:18:22

So here’s the bottom line – at the end of the day, honey, it’s you and me.


Mrs. Jones 1:18:26 Yeah.


Mr. Jones 1:18:26

So if people talk about us, or they don’t talk about us, or they’re friends with us, or they’re not friends with us, or they have good experiences with us, or they don’t… obviously, we want it to be all good. But if at the end of the day, as long as you and I are good, that’s the main thing.


Mrs. Jones 1:18:42 That’s right.


Mr. Jones 1:18:44 So are we good?


Mrs. Jones 1:18:44

I think we’re pretty damn good. Okay.


Mr. Jones 1:18:48

Anything else before we close?


Mrs. Jones 1:18:50

No, I think I think we hit it all. I mean, anything else is just beating a dead horse.


Mr. Jones 1:18:55

Yeah, I mean, our preference is don’t kiss and tell. But, hey, to each their own.


Mrs. Jones 1:19:02 Yeah, that’s true.


Mr. Jones 1:19:04

All right, when we come back…

Mrs. Jones 1:19:06

We’re gonna kiss and tell – No! [Laughs]

We’re just gonna tell.


Mr. Jones 1:19:10 Yes. We’re gonna tell.


Mrs. Jones 1:19:11 No names.


Mr. Jones 1:19:12 All right.


Mrs. Jones 1:19:13 Okay.


Mr. Jones 1:19:13

We’ll be right back. [Theme music]


Mrs. Jones 1:19:29

Okay, welcome back to snapshots. We’re gonna kiss and tell. No names. No names included, though.


Mr. Jones 1:19:35

How appropriate. We’re not gonna mention names, but we’re gonna mention the trip we were on.


Mrs. Jones 1:19:41 Oh my goodness.


Mr. Jones 1:19:42

So at Punta Cana. I’m just gonna go first.


Mrs. Jones 1:19:45 You go right ahead.


Mr. Jones 1:19:49

So we were up on that balcony that we described, one night with our friends. And the other woman and I were sitting… we had finished playing. And we were sitting with our feet in the plunge pool at the back of the roof. You and her husband were on the bed, the canopy bed, up near the front of the roof overlooking the ocean.


Mrs. Jones 1:20:14

Oh, yes, it was amazing. Mr. Jones 1:20:15

We were probably about 20 feet away from you. As you recalled it, I think the words that you used was you guys were going at it for quite some time and he said something like, I’m a little… I’m getting a little tired. Why don’t you just sit on my face…for a while. [Both laughing]


Mrs. Jones 1:20:36

And my response was like, okay,


Mr. Jones 1:20:39

So we don’t hear that dialogue. But we’re back talking to each other and we’re watching you guys just thoroughly enjoying that and then all of a sudden, you get… sit on his face and you’re facing us and your back is to the ocean. And you’re obviously having a good time, and then you start like grinding, you know, back and forth, and as a guy, I’m thinking, I hope, I hope he can breathe.


Mrs. Jones 1:21:05

[Laughs] I always worry about that. Like, I really, I struggle with sitting on somebody’s face because of that, like how, like, how deep do I squat? Like, do I give them room where they have to reach up a little?


Mr. Jones 1:21:19

Anyway, before you ruin this…


Mrs. Jones 1:21:21 [Laughs]


Mr. Jones 1:21:22

You are on your knees and you had straddled his face and his hands were, like, around your ass. And you lifted your arms. You started, like, dancing. You started like wiggling back and forth, like your torso.

Twisting, and then you put your arms up in the air above your head.


Mrs. Jones 1:21:42

Well, that was a canopy bed. So I think I was holding on to…


Mr. Jones 1:21:45

You weren’t holding on.


Mrs. Jones 1:21:46 No, I wasn’t?


Mr. Jones 1:21:46

I was watching closely. You were like, it was like dancing. You had your hands above your head and you were going back and forth. And you are…


Mrs. Jones 1:21:54

Oh, we had music on, didn’t we?


Mr. Jones 1:21:56

Yes, we did, we had music on and you were kind of dancing with the music while you’re sitting on his face, and both she and I looked and if I could have… my phone was being used to provide the music… And I didn’t know the Bluetooth would go that far but… I would have grabbed my camera and taken

another picture because watching you… So from our point of view, he was laying on the bed, you were sitting on his face, you were facing us, you had your hands above your head. You were totally, totally comfortable and relaxed and you didn’t give a shit, like who was watching…………………………………… In the back behind you was

the ocean and the moon and the stars in the sky and the breeze…


Mrs. Jones 1:22:39

It was a perfect night.


Mr. Jones 1:22:42

That snapshot right there of you doing that with him was amazing.


Mrs. Jones 1:22:46

Yeah. That was a fun night.


Mr. Jones 1:22:49 Yeah.


Mrs. Jones 1:22:50

Okay, well, same bed different night. Okay, now I gotta provide the comic relief because that was just too hot. So I think this was our last night. It was our last night there. So we’re having fun, same bed on the ocean. And we all had fun that night. I mean, we always have fun with them. So, and we had played for a long time. And at one point, I think this was the night where we swapped back to our own spouses to kind of finish off the evening. Sometimes we do that with them, and sometimes we don’t. Anyway, I was back with you and we had been playing for a long time. And there was a bottle of lube out that night, and it was silicone lube. And you and I, we had been playing with toys and stuff. So you and I were ready to kind of like finish things up. So you said, Do you need some lube? And I said yes. So you grab the lube and you squirted it on and then you reached up and you put it down, like next to my head.

Well, unbeknownst to anybody, the lube was still open. So it was leaking onto the bed, which was right next to my long straight hair. [Laughs] So you and I had fun – we finished and everything was great. Our friends went home and this was like stupid like three o’clock in the morning kind of time. So the next morning I get up and you’re like, Okay, let’s go to breakfast, because they had like a really cool buffet there with like all this like fresh exotic fruit and all this stuff. So you’re like, let’s go to breakfast. So you go to get coffee while I’m getting myself ready and I walk into the bathroom. And I’m like, What is wrong with my hair? Like I had just washed it the day before. I only wash my hair like every other day we’re on vacation. So I’m like, What is wrong with my hair and Look at it! And like the whole left side of my hair

is like strings of grease. Well come to find out the lube had leaked on the bed and then I had rolled my head around in it, so like the whole left side of my hair was just this stringy, gross, lube soaked hair. I guess that’s a good hair treatment because my hair was very happy. However, it took like a half a bottle of dry shampoo to like soak up the lube in my hair. So I could go to breakfast with all these vanilla people. Like at Desire that could have been a badge of honor, like look at all the silicone lube in my hair! But at the vanilla resort, I was like, Oh my goodness…


Mr. Jones 1:25:42

You already went out in public with just fuck me hair. What’s the difference in now you’ve got lube in it? At least it wasn’t like cum that was stuck in your hair.


Mrs. Jones 1:25:51

Yeah, that probably happened that week too. But yeah, no, the lube was pretty obvious. So, but yeah, none of the other vanillas at the resort would have understood why my hair was greasy. They probably just thought I didn’t wash all week…


Mr. Jones 1:26:04

So, all the sexy snapshots you could have picked for that week, you picked the lube in your hair.


Mrs. Jones 1:26:08

That’s… when I think back to that week, I’m like, I would just remember walking in the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror, like, what is wrong with my hair? [Laughs]


Mr. Jones 1:26:20 Oh, boy.


Mrs. Jones 1:26:21

We had fun that week. There were lots lots of sexy times.


Mr. Jones 1:26:25 All right, well.


Mrs. Jones 1:26:26

Lots of new, naughty stocking sex toys that got tried.


Mr. Jones 1:26:31

Definitely. We still have a lot of naughty stocking stuff we haven’t tried yet. So Happy New Year, everyone. Happy January 2020.


Mrs. Jones 1:26:39 Yep.


Mr. Jones 1:26:41

Good to start another decade.


Mrs. Jones 1:26:44

Yeah, not only Happy New Year, happy new decade.


Mr. Jones 1:26:47

Yeah. So before we go, we’ve had quite a few new members in our membership community since January 1st.


Mrs. Jones 1:26:55

I think a lot of people have created the lifestyle as their new year’s resolutions.


Mr. Jones 1:27:00 I think so.


Mrs. Jones 1:27:02

Our community is exploding.


Mr. Jones 1:27:03

Wegottathing.com. If you’d like to join our community that would be great.


Mrs. Jones 1:27:07

You won’t be the only new folks in there.


Mr. Jones 1:27:09

Yes and please also if you’re interested in joining a dating website, you can join Kasidie or Double Date Nation just by going to our website and clicking on the link there and get 90 days for free.


Mrs. Jones 1:27:23

Yep. Don’t forget about Podcast-a-Palooza


Mr. Jones 1:27:27 There’s a few rooms left.


Mrs. Jones 1:27:28

May is coming up before you know it.


Mr. Jones 1:27:31

You can book that on our website, as well as your Desire trip, so whether you’re going to go to Desire in November with us, or anytime during the year or you want to stay in the mansion…


Mrs. Jones 1:27:40

That’s right. We’ve got regular rooms we can offer for a discount, and we have the mansion that we can offer for a discount.


Mr. Jones 1:27:46

Yeah. And thank you all for emailing us. We’d love to hear from you. You can email me at [email protected].


Mrs. Jones 1:27:54

…or me at [email protected].


Mr. Jones 1:27:58

You can send us a message on our website, wegottathing.com.


Mrs. Jones 1:28:06

And supposedly we’re on Twitter, and Instagram and Pinterest.


Mr. Jones 1:28:10 Well, you know…


Mrs. Jones 1:28:11

Clearly I’m not the social media person of the couple. Mr. Jones 1:28:14

No you’re not.


Mrs. Jones 1:28:14 No I’m not.


Mr. Jones 1:28:16

Okay. Well, thanks for listening. We are Mr. and Mrs. Jones and we gotta thing.


Mrs. Jones 1:28:20 What’s your thing?