One of the biggest barriers we all face as newbies or wannabies in the lifestyle is the fear of being “found out” by a co-worker, a friend or even worse, a family member!  Just the thought of our parents or kids discovering our naughty little secret may dissuade many of us from stepping into the lifestyle.

As we discussed in our podcast about risks and rewards, this is one of the real risks to consider before putting yourselves “out there.”  Believe it or not, we (especially Mrs Jones) initially struggled with agreeing to meet local couples because like many of you we are involved in our community, our church, and have lived in the same town for over three decades.

Our initial approach? We stayed away from the local scene for the entire first year, only engaging in lifestyle activities out of town or on vacation.  But now? We’ve met with lifestyle couples from our own neighborhood!  Just like anything else, our perspective changed from imagining the worse to experiencing the best.

We’ve heard stories from a few listeners who’ve run into friends and co-workers at lifestyle parties and events but so far, they’ve all ended without any drama.  And us? We feel our biggest threat of exposure comes from hosting a podcast, not from having an on-line profile, attending lifestyle events or dating other lifestyle couples.  Everyone has the same thing to lose, otherwise know as MAD (mutually assured destruction)!

Is there still a risk?  Yes.  Are we being naive? Maybe.  Is the risk worth the reward?  For us, yes!

Care to share your thoughts or stories?