I’ve heard that some people have rules about no kissing, that kissing is too intimate to share. I have this thought as I watch my beautiful wife passionately kissing her equally beautiful girlfriend. I’m glad we never discussed that rule. Watching these ladies kiss is both fascinating and arousing. Women kiss each other differently than they kiss us. They’re more tender with each other. There is also something of a performance in it. Perhaps this is for my benefit?

My wife Julia and her friend Anna could easily pass for sisters. They both have long blonde hair, the expensive kind, with highlights and lowlights and a shine that hints at a fancy salon blow out and products with exotic ingredients.

My wife’s green eyes always remind me of the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They change with her moods from hazel to emerald. Tonight they are blazing.
Anna’s blue eyes are the color of deep sea; so blue that in the candlelight, they are almost black.

My bride is petite. Most men call her voluptuous. Her 36 D cup breasts on her five foot one inch tall body creates the impression of lots of curve, even though her ass fits neatly in the palm of my hand. She’s small and tight, not just sexy for her age.

By contrast, Anna is taller, maybe five foot six, thin and willowy; a yoga chic body. The comparison is fascinating. I marvel at the beauty of both women. My conscious mind reminding me that my wife is making out with her friend, barely four feet in front of me. And it’s ok. It’s more than ok. It’s really turning me on!

The trouble with reverie is that it takes your attention off the present. “Be present.” My wife tells me often. I spend too much time on my phone. It’s true l. It takes away from our time. It’s careless of me, I think, as Anna’s delicate hand begins to wander up my wife’s inner thigh then back to her knee. Now climbing upwards again, slowly slipping beneath the fabric of Julia’s dress. Well, I’m fucking present now!

My wife catches my eye. I nod my approval. Her body almost imperceptibly relaxes. Anna senses the surrender and her hand wanders higher. My jeans are noticeably tighter showing the bulge of my hardening erection as I sit back in the plush leather chair.

When my wife told me we had dinner plans tonight with her friend, I knew it would be a fun night. But not this fun. I thought we might have a few drinks at a nearby piano bar. Eat tapas, dance, and laugh a lot. After midnight we would drop Anna off, then come back to our place for a nightcap and make love. I almost spilled my drink when the girls kissed the first time at the bar. That first kiss had progressed a long way over the past few hours.

My wife has always pointed out beautiful women to me. In the beginning I thought she was testing me. But over time I realized we both appreciated a similar type of beauty. One day at the beach I asked her, “if you had to choose between those two girls playing volleyball, which would you make love with?” She didn’t miss a beat. “The girl in the orange bikini. She’s very sexy.” And so began our fantasy game of “who would you do.” I don’t think either of us imagined we would really do anything. It was just fantasy.

Now I watch spellbound as Anna’s hand began making circular motions first above and then around my wife’s very sensitive love button. Not too close, but never too far from it either. Gentle pressure bringing her to full arousal and me along with her. I take a sip of my Bourbon. Just the remnant of a single ice cube remaining. I look away from this beautiful scene to the bar. A half bottle of Blanton’s beckons. I don’t want to break the spell, but if I’m just going to watch, I need a drink.

I walk quietly, respectfully, across the deep fur like carpet to the bar. I pour two fingers of Blanton’s into my glass, add a large cube of ice and swirl. I pause wondering how many fingers are inside Julia right now? Does it matter? Maybe, by the sound of it.

I quietly return to my seat. Etta James is on the stereo belting out a smoky tune. Sexy, dark, magic music. I sit down to enjoy the show just as Anna cups Julia’s entire pussy in her hand, providing a diffuse pressure that is met with the slow thrusting of my wife’s hips. It’s the same technique we learned together in a sensual massage class we took at a resort in Martinique. But watching a woman pleasure my bride using one of “my moves” is such a new experience. I feel a wave of jealousy pass through me.

This isn’t the girl on girl sex I’ve seen in porn. This is genuine. No gymnastic poses, just a woman playing another woman’s body with an intuition that men simply don’t have. As if to punctuate my thought, Julia let’s out a long low moan of pleasure. Anna begins making smaller circles. I look up from the touching to find Anna is looking me in the eyes as she pleasures my bride. She wants me to watch her. She is teaching and tempting at the same time. It’s a great education and seduction. Satisfied that I am intensely watching, she returns her full attention back to Julia and resumes kissing her. My brain can’t keep up and I know it’s not the Bourbon slowing me down. The blood from my brain has all run south giving me a borderline painful hard on.

One beautiful thing about being together as long as we have, is our ability to read each other without words. I know simply by her posture that she wants more. I hear a whisper pass between the girls and the motion changes.

Julia slips the straps of Anna’s dress off her shoulders, Anna slips her dress down, releasing her breasts, then shimmying it over her narrow hips to form a black puddle around her high heels on the carpet. I notice that Anna’s breasts are smaller than Julia’s, and very perky with light pink nipples. Julia kisses first one nipple then the other bringing them fully erect. Julia’s stands up, slips the straps of her dress from her shoulders. Gravity pulls the light pink silk wisp of her dress to the floor. Neither lady wears anything but heels. I am captivated, motionless.

I take a long swallow of my drink. The caramel and citrus and spice flavors drawing my attention inward. I’m far too aroused by this. Anna leans forward to kiss the top of Julia’s mons. Then she gives her little licks up her pelvis to the crest of her hip and back down to her smooth mons. As Julia sits back down, Anna slides from the love seat to the thickly carpeted floor on her knees. She looks over her shoulder at me, smiles, then a wink before parting my girl’s thighs, kissing them from the knees up, up, up. Julia looks at me with a “can you believe this is happening look.” My smile tells her that everything is good.

As Julia relaxes into the soft leather of the love seat, Anna moves onto all fours. Her ass comes up to greet my gaze. My view of her oral attention to my wife’s sensitive bits is blocked by Anna’s exquisite ass, the deep pink of her glistening pussy, the arc of her back. I can see her head now rhythmically bobbing between my wife’s legs in time to the beat of the music. Sade, I think. Julia’s body begins to tighten. Her breath becoming ragged. Her breasts heaving. I hear wet sounds as Anna’s fingers penetrate Julia keeping time with her gentle sucking.

My cock is throbbing! Perspiration beads on Anna’s back. Her pussy is literally beginning to drip with wetness. I can’t hold back much longer. As I stand up Julia cries out in shuddering orgasm. Anna keeps her rhythm until Julia pushes back hard against her, overloaded with sensation. My wife’s eyes flutter then focus on me. I am so happy for her and she doesn’t know how to feel about that. But she knows what she is feeling now and loves it.

I look down at Anna’s tight ass and then back to Julia’s green eyes. She nods approvingly. I kneel beside Anna leaning in to whisper my offer in her ear. She nods approval. I remove my shirt. I kiss my wife’s girlfriend first on the right cheek of her ass. Then the left side. My hands massage Anna’s back, then her ass, coming to rest on her hips. My lips meet her outer labia, my tongue exploring the valley between her outer and inner lips. My left thumb caressing the area between her vulva and the puckered indent of her asshole. My tongue gently licks lower, broad strokes, very gently. My nose dipping into the soft fold of her sex like a hummingbird in a hibiscus. I breathe through my mouth tasting the sweetness of this unfamiliar flower.

The tip of my tongue discovers Anna’s love button and she makes a sigh between Julia’s thighs. I gently lick again and am rewarded with another sigh of pleasure. I look up over Anna’s ass to see Julia watching me. She is gently touching herself watching me go down on her girlfriend. She is clearly as turned on by watching me as I was by watching her.

I resume giving my attention to Anna. Soon she is pumping her body against my tongue and lips, my thumb now slipped inside her pussy. Julia’s slides down to the floor kissing Anna. Her sighs have become moans. I withdraw my thumb from her pussy and press gently against her backdoor. Anna pushes herself against my slippery thumb and it slides easily into her tight ass. Anna’s back arches and she shudders the length of her body. My thumb slips back out of her from the force of her orgasmic contractions.

I raise my head up to connect with Julia . My pussy juice covered face looking up the length of Anna’s back. Julia is smiling her congratulations and approval.

Anna rolls onto her side, eyes closed. Julia stands up over both of us. Julia’s familiar pussy inches from my face. I want Julia . I want to taste her. I want to fuck her. But she walks past me to the powder room and closes the door.

I have to get out of these jeans before my dick breaks! I stand up, unbuckle my jeans and quickly pull them off. Pre-cum has soaked the front of my boxer briefs. The powder room door opens and Julia beckons me to her. I discard my briefs and follow my throbbing cock as it points at Julia like a bird dog on pheasant.

Julia says, “I want to kiss you.”

I lean down. She wipes my face with a warm wet cloth. “But you have too much of her cum on your face.” She says with a smile. When she finishes wiping my face clean, she kisses me, reaching down to take my cock in her hand, and leading me in an elephant walk to the floor to lay down in between the girls on the furry carpet. Anna kisses me. Julia is gently stroking my cock. I feel Anna’s hand reach down to caress my balls. My wife begins licking the rim around the head and Anna slides down to join her.

I’ve fantasized about this my entire life. Propping myself up I watch as Julia and Anna take turns with me in their mouths. Julia stays in the power position offering my dick to Anna like she is sharing an ice cream cone. I watch as they kiss each other and then me. I am in ecstasy. The pleasure and pauses go on and on as the ache in my balls grows. I hear the ladies whispering to each other while stroking me and kissing each other. Anna asks that I lay down flat. I do so reluctantly. I’ve waited my whole life to watch two beautiful women go down on me together I don’t want to give up the visual.

Anna quickly straddles my chest, her ass facing me. The warm wetness of her pussy on my chest feels so good. She slides herself back until she is hovering above my mouth. I am aching to taste her again. But as I lift my head I suddenly feel my wife straddle my hips, her warm wet pussy resting lightly on my cock pinning it to my abdomen. I feel her hand expertly

guiding me inside of her familiar, tight, warm, wet pussy. She begins grinding on my cock as Anna’s pussy presses down on my lips.

The sensation of being fucked by my wife with Anna fucking my face takes me past all reserve. I explode into Julia. She continues fucking me, grinding me. I feel her fingers on my chin as she slips them in and out. Anna grinds on my mouth. Julia bears down hard on my cock. “Stay hard” I think to myself. “Stay…” Julia’s orgasm comes with a long moan and the arch of her back that stretches my still rigid shaft towards my toes. Anna cums powerfully seconds later, her thighs locked on my head. I am soaked in sweat and juices. I am ecstatically happy and suddenly so very sleepy on our living room floor.

My bride curls up with me on my left side as she does every night, kissing me gently, and tasting Anna. Our girlfriend pulls a throw blanket from the couch over us before taking her place on my right side. The girls continue to touch and caress each other and me. The plush carpet forms a soft bed. Soft breathing, soft skin, the sweet smell of perfumes blending with the musk of sex intoxicates me in a way Bourbon cannot. My wife breaks the quiet with a whispered question, “Was your fantasy everything you hoped it would be?” A smile forms on my face as I nod the affirmative. Anna says, “Yes, it was! Thank you for sharing him with me.”