Please don’t get me wrong (especially you ladies out there), there is nothing more beautiful to the eye than a woman’s body.  One of THE most amazing views the lifestyle affords is the opportunity to behold women enjoying the physical and emotional pleasure only the female body can experience.  It never gets old.

To me, pictures are different.  Random pictures are but a snapshot of the moment.  The context is missing.  The heavy breathing and moaning is silenced, the sexual humidity in the room is absent, the scent of a woman is now odorless, the graceful and flowing body movements while entangled with another is frozen stiff as facial expressions of pleasure are caught at awkward angles.  Capturing the essence of the moment is what we yearn for but the camera fails miserably in that regard.  Thankfully the mind does not.

When the creator of the “pic” hits send, his mind re-lives the sensuality and excitement of the moment but as the image is digitized and races to the recipient much of the life in the scene is left behind.  Stripped of the original context, pixels appear on a screen and require interpretation by the recipient.  Such interpretation is not my gift.

Interpretation is a funny thing.  Void of context many of the images begin to blend together.  I see skin, limbs, tongues and some things that are a bit out of focus.  I can also become distracted.  Is that a guy or a girl? Who’s leg is that, or is that an arm?  What is in her mouth…OH!  How did that not hurt?  In a digital room of many the now steady and seemingly competitive flow of pictures blend together and I can become overwhelmed and back away or exit the conversation all together.

However, in an intimate digital conversation with another couple or two, pictures add to the moment and when delivered at the right time can catch my breath (and tighten my jeans).  On a weekend night as digital talk turns flirty and progresses through evening plans, a picture “in the moment” brings a face and sexy body into the conversation at just the opportune time.  As each couple enjoys a sensual evening for two, the steady flow of progressively sexy shots can bring the evening to a very hot climax!

So, the bottom line for me is this: seemingly randomly chosen sexy pictures without the proper context and timing at best leaves me scratching my head or at worst makes me feel like someone is trying to convince me of something.  On the contrary, sexy pictures delivered with thoughtful timing as part of a sexy conversation can be awesome digital foreplay.

Is it just me?