It’s January, the month of making resolutions to try new things and better ourselves. A lot of people start flocking to the gym or yoga studio. And of course there’s the ever-popular weight-loss resolutions. Those are fine and even laudable (especially if they become habits). But we thought we’d offer a half dozen resolutions for you to consider if you’re new to the swinging lifestyle and looking for ways to stretch yourselves in 2020:

1 | Get Out of Town

Whether it’s just a couple of towns over, across the state, across the country, or on another continent — Plan a sexy trip this year. It may or may not be lifestyle-related. Maybe it’s just the two of you at a sexy location. Maybe it’s only for a weekend. Or maybe it’s a week at Desire with the Joneses (hint hint). Whatever you can afford, in terms of both time and money, we believe that sexy travel is a great way to add spice to your relationship!

2 | Go To a Lifestyle Club or Lifestyle Event

Make this the year you decide to explore a lifestyle club or event together, even if you have no intentions of playing yet. Get dressed up, be sexy with each other, and check out what a club or event has to offer. You won’t know unless you try! Naturally, we encourage you to do your research before heading out the door. Know the policies, rules, and expectations of the venue or event well before you set foot inside. And remember, whatever you find (or see that you can’t unsee) on the inside of that club, the two of you are on an adventure together!

3 | Start a Sexy Couple Journal

You may already sext or send naughty emails to each other but, trust us, there’s something really intimate and special about writing notes long-hand (if you can remember how to write with a pen) to your sweetheart — and it’s really special to read what your partner has written. You can recap an amazing experience you had together, write about a solo-play session you had with your favorite toy, express your naughty desires and kinky wishes, experiment with erotic poetry, or just write candid love notes. This is a great way to learn more about each other — no matter how long you’ve been together — and to grow as a couple.

4 | Take Photos (Or Get Them Taken)

There’s something incredibly empowering about seeing yourself (and your partner) in sexy photographs. This year, why not experiment more with attire (or lack thereof), poses, and lighting? If resources are available, consider booking a boudoir session with a professional photographer. It can be a huge boost to your confidence to see yourself photographed by a pro. We have never heard anyone say they regret doing a sexy boudoir shoot. Or you can order yourself a selfie tripod with a remote (like we did) and practice making your own sexy portfolio!

5 | Be Sexy Right Now

Don’t wait to lose those 5 or 20 lbs. Don’t wait until you’ve completed a 5K. Realize that wherever you are right at this moment, you are powerfully sexy to your partner. It’s OK to keep working towards those self-improvement goals, but this year, resolve to work on being sexy and sexual just as you are — you don’t have to wait until ___________ to be a red-hot lover. You already are!

6 | Make Your Sex Life a Relationship Priority

It’s easy to put sex on the back-burner when the busy-ness of life seems ever present. Silly as this may sound, this year consider scheduling sex into your lives just as you do other priorities. “Date night” can be on the calendar for the family to see; you can know that “date night” means “sex night.” And don’t rule out being creative  — you can build sex into your mornings and/or afternoon schedules, if that makes more sense for your lives. The idea is to treat making love at least as important as making sure the trash and recycling get to the curb every week.

If you’ve already done all 6 of these things, sit down together and think of a few sexy couple resolutions you want to reach for in 2020. How will you grow as a couple this year?