We recently returned from a fun trip to Desire Pearl with many sexy members of the WGT Community. In episode 92, you get to listen in as some of our guests share their own snapshots from Desire Pearl 2021 in this conversation that we recorded live at the resort during our group trip. Everyone was such a good sport and open to sharing thoughts and experiences for you to hear.

Some of these snapshots shared by our guests are profound, insightful and meaningful. Some are sexy and arousing. And other snapshots are downright hilarious! These snapshots do a great job encapsulating the variety of the swinger lifestyle. Oh, and we share our own Desire Pearl 2021 snapshots as well. It feels so good to be back in the swing of things! Yes, pun intended.

Segment 1 | Keeping up with the Joneses
Segment 2 | Snapshots from Desire Pearl 2021
Segment 3 | Our Sexy Snapshots

Desire Pearl 2021 was a lot of fun and the November Desire Pearl trip for 2022 has already sold out! At this time, we can put you on the waiting list in case a couple needs to change their plans between now and then. Let us know if you’re interested.


Our new What’s Your Thing? sexy and smart card game is now available! This is a fun ice-breaker to take couples from meet-up to playtime while learning about each other along the way.

Here is our updated Naughty Stockings List just in time for the holiday shopping season (or any season really). The list includes direct links to view and purchase items, as well as a 15% discount code for Casual Toys.

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