Lots of new-to-the-lifestyle couples worry about what will happen if they get outed as swingers in their communities and/or families. The prospect of non-lifestyle friends and family discovering your sex life choices can be incredibly intimidating for many, if not most, people. This is one of the most important swinger lifestyle topics that nobody really wants to talk about.

Chances are this won’t happen to you (as it did us) but we still want to help prepare you just in case…

In episode 93, we reflect back on our experience of being outed and discuss what we’ve learned (and are still learning) during the process. We also offer some thoughts and ideas for you about the prospect of being outed, and give you some food for thought about how you might handle it if this were to happen to you.

This episode will help you to consider questions such as…

What are some of the most common ways/reasons that couples get outed as swingers?
What are some of the possible outcomes? Which outcomes are more probable than others?
How can we prepare ourselves for the daunting possibility of being outed?
How would/will be respond if we get outed as swingers?
In what ways could getting outed be a positive outcome?
What are some steps we should take to minimize the possibility of being outed as swingers?

Segment 1 | Keeping Up with the Joneses
Segment 2 | What If We Get Outed as Swingers?
Segment 3 | Our Sexy Snapshots

You can also revisit We Gotta Thing Episode 37, our first podcast after we were outed in our community if you’re curious to know more about about our reaction and response in the immediate aftermath of being outed.

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