We all are expected to play many roles in life: spouse, parent, child, colleague, employee, parishioner, student, teacher, friend, lover and, well you get it.  If you stop and think about it (and I’m cursed with this affliction) we are programmed by others about how to “act” or “behave” in each of these roles.  Our parents teach us how to behave as a children, our company tells us how to act as employees, our churches guide us as parishioners, and so on.

When do we get the chance to learn about who we really are as a unique person?  Who’s supposed to tell us how important that is?  How are we supposed to figure it out on our own after being told how to act our entire lives?  Well, there’s this thing called The Swinging Lifestyle

Isn’t the lifestyle just about having sex with others?  How can such a superficial (and in some states illegal) activity possibly be a pathway to anything of such meaning?  Well, there’s this place called Desire…

Two weeks ago Mrs Jones and I stood at the perimeter of the entrance to the resort hot tub where about 40 or so naked couples were enjoying drinks and conversation.  Did I mention they were naked?  The feeling of humans connecting with each other was palpable and overwhelming.  We were watching real people interact with each other and it all looked natural, genuine and inviting.
There were no employees talking shop, just people sharing their stories.  No mothers talking only about their children, just sexy and confident ladies proudly being women.  No male insecurities or egos competing for attention, just guys appreciating and respecting the natural beauty before them.  No gossipy friends sharing stories about the neighbors but people intently listening to others without any judgment or envy.

Instead of playing familiar roles, people were choosing to embrace this new but strangely comforting type of freedom and through that choice beginning to discover who they really are.  Words some used to describe this experience were liberating, natural, oddly normal, meaningful and transformational.  Wow.

Yes, the lifestyle is about a deeper relationship and better sex with our partners and having sexy fun times with others.  Yes, the lifestyle is about making strong connections and lifelong friends.  But don’t miss the fact that the lifestyle affords each of us the opportunity to step out of the roles we play so well in life and explore and discover for ourselves who we really are.  I think you’ll like what you find.

Care to join us?