If you’ve listened to our podcast or read our newsletter, you probably know that I love to make cocktails.  Our liquor cabinet is embarrassingly well-stocked.  Listeners send me new recipes to try on a regular basis.  I have a collection of pretty martini glasses, wine glasses, old-fashioned glasses (for Mr. J’s bourbon drinks), highball glasses, etc., etc.  So it sounds like I drink a lot, right?

Actually, I’m a lightweight.  I drink socially, but I rarely get overly-tipsy.  Yes, I have overindulged in the past.  Some of the repercussions of my poor decisions have been discussed on our podcast.  (Like running a half marathon with a hangover – ouch!)  Luckily I have a husband with common sense and a tolerance for alcohol that keeps an eye on me when we are in social settings.

I have learned over time that overindulging when I’m nervous rarely ends well, especially in a lifestyle setting.  It takes practice to find that sweet spot of relaxing into a couple of drinks to take off that nervous edge, but staying sober enough to have your wits about you.
And we need to keep our wits about us at lifestyle events.  Think about it – we are making some really big decisions, and sometimes those decisions are made on the fly.  If we have too much to drink, our ability to think through those decisions is impaired.  We know not to get behind the wheel of a car after we’ve been drinking, but do we know that choosing play partners can be risky as well?

OK, I’m sounding preachy and melodramatic here, but the emotional clean-up of making a bad decision in the lifestyle is a lot of work for a couple.  So have fun, enjoy some liquid courage, and learn where your cut-off is so that your memories of the evening will be good (and sexy) ones!