Dear Mr & Mrs Jones,

Are there any nice lifestyle clubs in our area?
What is the best lifestyle website to use to meet people like us?
How can we develop a network of lifestyle friends?
How do couples with young children find time to swing?
What lifestyle resources do you recommend?
Where are the Meet & Greets in our area?
How do we find a single guy or unicorn?
Are we too old to become swingers?
How do we find couples like the ones you talk about meeting?

We receive questions such as these every day and do our best to answer promptly and thoughtfully.  But, we sometimes feel inadequate and frustrated because in this day and age and with the technology we carry in our pockets we should be able to find information in an instant as to what this lifestyle is all about!

If you have lifestyle friends you can ask them but their experience may be limited.  You can listen to podcasts but it’s not easy to find an answer to a specific question without listening to hours and hours of recordings.  You can search forums such as Reddit or listen in on social media conversations but those sometime devolve quickly or are answered by the loudest voice.  Lifestyle dating websites might be a good resource but they are designed for meeting potential partners and couples first and treat lifestyle community and forum features as an afterthought.

Over the past couple of years we’ve noticed our listeners and followers are similar in many ways.  Many if not most of you are:

  • In a solid relationship
  • Curious about or fairly new to the lifestyle
  • Intelligent
  • Attractive
  • Inquisitive
  • Conversational
  • Open minded
  • Non-judgmental

Sound familiar?

We’ve also noticed when you all get together with us (at Desire, Naughty in N’awlins, our Meet & Greets) you connect quickly and without much effort.  And you’re getting better answers to your questions from this type of crowdsourcing than you can possibly get from just the Joneses. If we could only replicate this environment and have it available to everyone at anytime we’d have the perfect lifestyle community!  But how?

With your help we believe we have the answer: our brand new, discreet, by invitation only, online group of We Gotta Thing listeners moderated by the Joneses and available at your fingertips whenever needed.  Care to join us?

The group is already discussing how the lifestyle has changed their world view, how they choose between Hedo and Desire, how they can pick out lifestyle couples in a vanilla crowd, how they improve their lifestyle profiles and some are even sharing sexy, sensual and classy pictures!

To request your invitation and learn about other membership benefits when you join our exclusive community visit our brand new website now by clicking here.  We hope you’ll choose to be a part of our growing community and we look forward to chatting with you soon!