Halloween, which is one of the premier lifestyle holidays, is quickly approaching. Many of us are frantically contemplating our costumes for the upcoming parties!

The same costume challenge (or dilemma depending on how much you like to dress up) applies to visiting lifestyle clubs and resorts. Often times, they have theme nights as part of the nightly entertainment. Themes can range from something as simple as ”White Night” where ladies wear a white dress and guys wear white shirts/pants to “ABC Night” which means “anything but clothes.” Then you have Fetish Night, Couples Costume Night, Uniform Night, Glow Night, Animal Print Night, Burlesque Night, and so on….

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your outfits:
Some couples really get into the theme nights at resorts, clubs, or parties, coming up with great costumes for both of them that really embrace the theme. My experience is that many husbands struggle with dressing up. Either it’s too much work or they are uncomfortable with the thought of “looking silly.” So their ladies will dress up for the theme and they will just wear a shirt to match (that would be Mr Jones and me!) It’s probably better to take this approach and wear what makes you feel confident versus wearing something just to fit in with what other people are wearing but are absolutely miserable and uncomfortable.

If you are headed to a party or club, remember that you will be in public as you are en route to the party. So if your costume is super sexy and risque, you need to figure out how you will cover up enough to be decent in public or how complicated it will be to change once you get there.

And here’s another important point to remember. If your costume is difficult to remove, you may be regretting it when it comes to playtime! Easy on and off is a must in the play rooms. I wore a costume a couple of years ago that had a head piece, gloves, stockings, jewelry, etc. Everything was easy enough to remove, but gathering everything after our play session was a royal pain! It looked like a swinger bomb had gone off in our area when you put everyone’s clothes/costumes and accessories in one big pile. Not keeping our stuff in separate piles was a huge swinger foul. Oh, and did I mention that the party staff was announcing that the last shuttle was leaving in 15 minutes and we were still playing? The four of us were digging around for our clothes and laughing so hard – what a way to end the evening!

Last word of caution about costumes: Wigs and face makeup can get pretty messy during a sexy play experience. Sometimes wigs don’t stay on, and your face paint can transfer to your play partner and smear all over the both (or more) of you. So while you look amazing at the beginning of the evening, your appearance can be a bit rough at the end of the night. Of course, you could always look at your messy appearance as a badge of swinger honor!

So as you plan for themed parties and events, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the themes. It is really fun to see how people put their personalities into their costumes, and commenting on how great someone looks is a great conversation starter. I am seriously going to try to step up my (and Mr Jones’s) game this year regarding our Halloween costumes and Desire theme nights attire.

Happy Halloween to all my Lifestyle friends!