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This One Time at Band Camp

by Mr. Sonomapair (@sonomapair) My wife and I were curious about what to expect from the most recent episode of We Gotta Thing, “Being Bi-Something In the Lifestyle.” As long-time listeners and attendees of a number of the WGT weekend trips, we know Mr. and Mrs. Jones to be accepting […]

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Our First Online Couple Profile

by WGT Community Members We’ll start out by saying that we’ve been married long enough for it to have been a long time since either of us has considered ourselves among the ‘dating pool.’ Suffice it to say, the world of finding and attracting others has changed quite a bit […]

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woman in pool on unicorn floating toy

A Swinger’s Guide to Finding Unicorns

by Chris Watkins “Unicorns,” also known as single women, are sought-after partners for many couples in swinging relationships; but, as the name implies, finding “unicorns” can be incredibly difficult for most people.  A casual search online turns up a long list of articles that don’t offer helpful tips. Many of […]

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The Power of “Witness” as a Verb

by Catherine of Expansive Connection Coaching “Sharing ourselves with others opens up a space where there once was none. Only through such space can positive memories occur and resilience prevail.” — Kristi Pikiewicz Ph.D. In psychology, the term “bearing witness” refers to sharing ourselves and our experiences with others or […]

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by SweetShynCurious (Kasidie, SDC) Life is a trip. Life with someone else for a long time is even more of a trip.  We met in high school and the early years were easy. Way too easy. Our friends who also married early and young tended to fight and argue, but […]

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It’s OK to Push Pause

by Guest The Joneses, undeniably two of America’s most famous ambassadors for the Lifestyle, are also quick to say that non-monogamy isn’t for everyone. While We Gotta Thing serves as many couples’ introduction to the whats, whys, and hows of navigating entry into the world of ethical non-monogamy, those who […]

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Why Is It Taboo for Men to Be Bisexual?

by Chris Watkins The topic often comes up in Lifestyle chats: How is it that bisexual women are accepted and even celebrated, but bisexual men are not? The answer is complicated and somewhat disappointing. Much earlier in my life, I had casual sex with men as well as women. It’s […]

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Growing in Confidence

by Mr. Ygk My name is Mr. Ygk. I am part of a long time swinging couple. I am now in my mid 40’s (ok, late 40’s). Gender roles were not like they are now in the 70’s. Boys were supposed to act like boys and girls were supposed to […]

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group of male friends in bar

Beyond Bros

by Catherine of Expansive Connection Coaching Why I am launching a guys group course… I am lucky that I have always had wonderful, complex, deep and supportive female friendships in my life. These women have laughed with me, cried with me, pushed me, pulled me, supported me, and time and […]

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Unexpected LS Event Benefits

by WGT Community Member You may not know this about lifestyle weekend events, but many couples find that — along with all of the fun and sexiness of a multi-day event — some pretty deep emotions and discussions can arise. You may leap to the conclusion of “jealousy,” and that […]

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