Episode 39 | Finding Your Flirt in the Lifestyle

Read our latest newsletter here and then Subscribe to our newsletter here! Keeping up with the Joneses We update you on our new business ventures and Mr Jones makes his request to Mrs Jones for his home office modifications.  We also describe a visit from our Canadian friends, our Southwest friends […]

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New Orleans

Episode 38 | Finding that Elusive Four-way Connection

We hear from many listeners how difficult it is to find that “four-way connection” with other lifestyle couples. We break down the issue and offer insights into what works and doesn’t work for us. Oh, and we share how we screwed up at NiN (the Joneses are not perfect).

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Episode 36 | Friends With Benefits: The Real Lifestyle Unicorn?

Keeping up with the Joneses “Friends” from out of town drop by for a few sexy encounters and we chat about the half-marathon that almost happened. Discussion topic We break down lifestyle friendships and what they might look like.  We categorize friendships into four types: Community, Casual, Close and Core […]

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