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Friends on the Fringe Part 2: How to Terrify Your Partner

By Elle   You ever send a text and then immediately wish you could un-send it? You sit there more-or-less holding your breath, staring near-maniacally at your screen, waiting for the animated dot-dot-dot to tell you someone on the other end is mid-reply? No? Yeah…yeah, totally. Me neither. “I hear […]

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Friends on the Fringe, Part I

by Elle   Word reached my ears through the proverbial grapevine. “Did you hear?” the Grapevine called me up and asked. Did I hear what? “The real reason Mrs. Jones retired,” said the Grapevine, “is because she and Mr. Jones are (decrease voice to whisper for maximum effect, insert dramatic […]

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Swinging Through the Holidays!

As we begin to celebrate our third holiday season in the Lifestyle we’re seeing things with a new perspective.  Here are just a few things we’ve noticed: The third helping of turkey is like the third orgasm at a swinger party- both times you swore you were done after seconds. Lube […]

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