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Episode 46 | Staying Connected During Play

Discussion Topic– Connecting with your play partner while trying to maintain a connection with your own partner is a balancing act many find difficult to achieve.  This month we discuss the challenge of and some helpful tips for staying connected as a couple during playtime with others. Online Lifestyle Course […]

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Episode 45 | Closing the Deal: Transitioning to Playtime

Discussion Topic- Navigating this lifestyle can be awkward at times, especially when trying to transition from conversation to playtime.  We discuss our experience in this area and share some tips to help couples take the leap to enjoying some sexy fun with others! Our New Online Lifestyle Course is Live! Our […]

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We are No Ken and Barbie

We see this popular phrase over and over again in online profiles on lifestyle dating websites.  It’s meant to send a reassuring message to prospective couples that “we aren’t perfect and you don’t need to be either.”  It’s a nice thing to hear since many of us perceive our own […]

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White Chocolate Alcohol Bottle

White Chocolate Liqueur

2 oz. good quality white chocolate 5 Tbsp. sugar 1/2 cup heavy cream 3/4 cup whole milk 1 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract 1 cup of white rum Instructions Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler, stirring frequently. Add the sugar and 1/4 cup of the cream. Heat, stirring, […]

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Choose to Become Who You Are

We all are expected to play many roles in life: spouse, parent, child, colleague, employee, parishioner, student, teacher, friend, lover and, well you get it.  If you stop and think about it (and I’m cursed with this affliction) we are programmed by others about how to “act” or “behave” in […]

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