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Social Before Sexual

If we reach out to them, they will assume we want to have sex with them. If we answer their message, they may take that as an indication that we’re all in. We’re not sure we’re in at all, yet. If we agree to meet up with them, we’ll be […]

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This One Time at Band Camp

by Mr. Sonomapair (@sonomapair) My wife and I were curious about what to expect from the most recent episode of We Gotta Thing, “Being Bi-Something In the Lifestyle.” As long-time listeners and attendees of a number of the WGT weekend trips, we know Mr. and Mrs. Jones to be accepting […]

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WGT Ladies’ Book Club

by Mrs. Jones A while back, by popular demand, the WGT Community ladies-only chat group expanded to include a semi-organized book club. Little did we know, when we first started to read and talk about books at the suggestion of some of our members, that this little endeavor would become […]

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Our First Online Couple Profile

by WGT Community Members We’ll start out by saying that we’ve been married long enough for it to have been a long time since either of us has considered ourselves among the ‘dating pool.’ Suffice it to say, the world of finding and attracting others has changed quite a bit […]

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writer at work

Wooing Each Other with Words

content adapted from an interactive couples workshop presented by Elle Fusion during the 2019 WGT Austin Meet & Greet Weekend At the start of a new year, lots and lots of people make promises to themselves to begin (and stick with) a diary or journal. We would like to propose […]

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couple with champagne

Out with the Old & In with the New

As we anticipate the start of a new year — following a year that has arguably been a pretty harrowing and unusual one in a  lot of ways — we begin to think about what habits and mindsets we might want to leave behind in 2020 and which ones we […]

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woman in pool on unicorn floating toy

A Swinger’s Guide to Finding Unicorns

by Chris Watkins “Unicorns,” also known as single women, are sought-after partners for many couples in swinging relationships; but, as the name implies, finding “unicorns” can be incredibly difficult for most people.  A casual search online turns up a long list of articles that don’t offer helpful tips. Many of […]

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